Chrono Trigger Glitchless Route

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Gate to 600

  • Set battle speed to wait
  • Once movable, set battle speed to 1 and cursor to memory
  • Get Marle, go south, talk to shopkeeper, then north
  • Talk to Lucca, don't hop on, talk to Marle and initiate the cutscene
  • Grab the pendant and hop on

Frog Joins

  • Fight three Imps, spam attacks
  • Fight two imps after bridge to lean cyclone, spam attacks (Skip perhaps?)
  • Grab Tonic and PowerGlove
  • Grab power tab and shelter, head north.
  • Head up Stairs, grab tonic on floor 3, grab Ether, leave castle.
  • Before entering forest, equip use power tab on Chrono, equip Power glove on Chrono and Bandana on Lucca
  • Fight pack of 3 Rolys (Cyclone once to kill all) and pack of 2 Rolys to learn flame toss and flame whirl.
  • Flame Whirls/Flame Toss to kill all Nagas in Cathedral