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Created by AndyPerfect

This is a fairly beginner route with lots of explanations of paths to take through dungeons, items to pick up, equipment management, and strategies for fights. There are several different options throughout the run to take depending on how you want to handle the run. There are differing opinions as to which transformation is best to stick with for Karn, which equipment paths to follow, how many mrbl1's to buy, and so on. This guide will follow one of those paths. I will eventually create a different page that will outline the different schools of thought for different areas of the game. There is no singular "best route" or "most risky" route or anything like that. This run is still evolving in small ways and will likely improve from this point.

Additionally, you can save time throughout the run by using Mrbl3's before they run out so as to not have to watch that text each time. It may not seem significant, but each time you don't have to watch the text, you save ~2 seconds. We're using more than 150 mrbl 3's throughout the run. That's 5 minutes of time save alone. This guide, though, will not cover where best to use those as that is entering advanced strategies and I will try to cover those in another page.


  1. Make a new game, with Ryu's name empty. For button assignments, I use the following:
    1. Y: Equip
    2. X: Items
    3. L: Magic
    4. R: Change
  2. Watch the cutscene, then pick up the chest for 300g
  3. Buy 10 Mrbl3's, Rest of money on Herbs (x9's first)
  4. Leave town and head to Camlon

Frog Dungeon

  1. Left at the first turn and follow the path around to stairs at NE corner
  2. Get 4 chests behind the doors and take stairs to west
  3. Follow path down and take stairs
  4. Get 4 chests again and take stairs to east
  5. Equip the BronzeSD, Gauntlet, SuedeCP, and Visor.
  6. Get into a battle before the final stairs, place Ryu in the back and AB. (if you're unlucky, this will take two fights to level up). Heal, go fight the frog.

Frog Battle (169/11)

    1. Keep in back row, AB and heal every 3rd turn or so.

To Knight

  1. Head out the dungeon
  2. Head NW and wrap around to Nanai. Enter at night.
  3. Hug the left wall, around the left side of the inn, turn right along the top of the buildings
  4. head down in between the pillars to the top of the buildings, head up along the right side of the bridge.
  5. Head down the stairs-
  6. Head south across the rope bridge, turn right and get the B-stn at the far right.
  7. Head back west, but go up the hill before the rope bridge. Down the stairs at the NE
  8. Go down the rope bridge to the SW, pick up the F-stn to the west after the second bridge
  9. Head right, picking up the cure above you, and take the big stairs down

Knight Prep Notes

  1. You need 18 ACT to be faster than the knight
  2. Switching items gives:
    1. Robe +3 ACT
    2. Strawhat +1 ACT
    3. Dirk +2 ACT

Knight Battle (553/47)

  1. AB, Heal when at 20 or below (if going first)
  2. use b.stone when he gets close to 80 hp (around the middle of the 'h' in his name)
  3. finish him off with and attacks when he goes into second wind.

To the Wizard

  1. Get the e.key from the machine and leave.
  2. Go to winlan
  3. Buy mrbl 3's until you have 300g left
  4. Head to the castle and talk to the queen
  5. Leave the castle down the waterfall with Nina and head to the cave
  6. Head up and down the stairs
  7. Head east to pick up the cure, then SE to get SuedeGN (not on the hill), then north and get the I-ore on the peninsula
  8. Head back to the SW corner and go north across the rope bridge, pass the first stairs to get the B-stn, then take the stairs up.
  9. Get the C-stn in the NW corner, then stairs up and out of the cave.
  10. Enter the town, then exit to the west and enter the western forest.
  11. Take the western path through here until you exit.

Wizard Tower

  1. Take your first left, and head up the stairs you first come to. Pick up the M-drop and head back down.
  2. Wrap around the room to get the M-drop at the SE corner.
  3. Equip the SuedeGN on Nina and fight Morte
    1. 120 Hp (113/7)
    2. Place the soldiers in the back
  4. Nina use E-key, soldiers attack
  5. Head up the stairs and walk left along the top. Head up the next set of stairs
  6. Head right along the top of the room and down stairs.
  7. Head up and drop down the right hole.
  8. SAFETY: Life 2 down stairs right before Mortea
  9. Head up two stairs and fight Mortea
    1. 230hp (202/28)
    2. Nina use E-Key soldiers use B-stn and attack
  10. Head up the stairs, press the left button, and head down the left stairs. Grab the cure and follow the path.
  11. Run from these two Wizard fights


  1. Say yes to the guard and head down the waterfall out of town
  2. Mrbl3 once you land on the tower and head to the Wizard's lair
  3. Get Rang from chest on west side, then fight Wizard

Wizard Fight (169/11)

  1. 180hp (169/11)
  2. use E.Key, heal whenever needed, he can hit for 15

To General

  1. Go talk to Nina (stairs on the right) next to the bed.
  2. Head back down, then stairs in NE corner. Take tunnel out.
  3. Head SE to Tentar (follow path, then right and enter left half). Equip the Rang on Ryu.
  4. Save
  5. Enter bottom right white house and get saw.
  6. Leave town and backtrack to the forest inlet.
  7. North at first fork, north at second fork, then right. north at next fork and enter building.
  8. Heal if needed
  9. Attack the guards.
    1. Swap Ryu to front
    2. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  10. Heal with Nina cure and head NE, wrap around to the next guards.
    1. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  11. heal with Nina cure and take stairs down.
  12. Take the path to the right, the head up to the guards.
    1. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  13. Mash B to refuse the weapons

General Fight (169/90)

  1. Put ryu and bo in back
  2. Ryu attack/E-key, Nina fortify Bo/cure self, Bo fry once, then attacks
  3. Second wind: fry again.

To Wisp

  1. Fall down the trap to the south, put whoever has the most hp in front and grab the bottom right chest for damage.
  2. Get into a fight, defend till death back to Tantal.