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Created by AndyPerfect

This is a fairly beginner route with lots of explanations of paths to take through dungeons, items to pick up, equipment management, and strategies for fights. There are several different options throughout the run to take depending on how you want to handle the run. There are differing opinions as to which transformation is best to stick with for Karn, which equipment paths to follow, how many mrbl1's to buy, and so on. This guide will follow one of those paths. I will eventually create a different page that will outline the different schools of thought for different areas of the game. There is no singular "best route" or "most risky" route or anything like that. This run is still evolving in small ways and will likely improve from this point.

Additionally, you can save time throughout the run by using Mrbl3's before they run out so as to not have to watch that text each time. It may not seem significant, but each time you don't have to watch the text, you save ~1 second. We're using more than 125 mrbl 3's throughout the run. That's 2 minutes of time save alone. This guide, though, will not cover where best to use those as that is entering advanced strategies and I will try to cover those in another page.


First Dragon

To Frog

  1. Make a new game, with Ryu's name empty. For button assignments, I use the following:
    1. Y: Equip
    2. X: Items
    3. L: Magic
    4. R: Change
  2. Watch the cutscene, then pick up the chest for 300g
  3. Buy 10 Mrbl3's, Rest of money on Herbs (x9's first)
  4. Leave town and head to Camlon
  5. Left at the first turn and follow the path around to stairs at NE corner
  6. Get 4 chests behind the doors and take stairs to west
  7. Follow path down and take stairs
  8. Get 4 chests again and take stairs to east
  9. Equip the BronzeSD, Gauntlet, SuedeCP, and Visor.
  10. Get into a battle before the final stairs, place Ryu in the back and AB. (if you're unlucky, this will take two fights to level up). Heal, go fight the frog.

Frog Battle (169/11)

    1. Keep in back row, AB and heal every 3rd turn or so.

To Knight

  1. Head out the dungeon
  2. Head NW and wrap around to Nanai. Enter at night.
  3. Hug the left wall, around the left side of the inn, turn right along the top of the buildings
  4. head down in between the pillars to the top of the buildings, head up along the right side of the bridge.
  5. Head down the stairs-
  6. Head south across the rope bridge, turn right and get the B-stn at the far right.
  7. Head back west, but go up the hill before the rope bridge. Down the stairs at the NE
  8. Go down the rope bridge to the SW, pick up the F-stn to the west after the second bridge
  9. Head right, picking up the cure above you, and take the big stairs down

Knight Prep Notes

  1. You need 18 ACT to be faster than the knight. Switching items gives:
    1. Robe +3 ACT
    2. Strawhat +1 ACT
    3. Dirk +2 ACT

Knight Battle (553/47)

  1. AB, Heal when at 20 or below (if going first)
  2. use b.stone when he gets close to 80 hp (around the middle of the 'h' in his name)
  3. finish him off with and attacks when he goes into second wind.

To the Wizard

  1. Get the e.key from the machine and leave.
  2. Go to winlan
  3. Buy mrbl 3's until you have 300g left
  4. Head to the castle and talk to the queen
  5. Leave the castle down the waterfall with Nina and head to the cave
  6. Head up and down the stairs
  7. Head east to pick up the cure, then SE to get SuedeGN (not on the hill), then north and get the I-ore on the peninsula
  8. Head back to the SW corner and go north across the rope bridge, pass the first stairs to get the B-stn, then take the stairs up.
  9. Get the C-stn in the NW corner, then stairs up and out of the cave.
  10. Enter the town, then exit to the west and enter the western forest.
  11. Take the western path through here until you exit.

Wizard Tower

  1. Take your first left, and head up the stairs you first come to. Pick up the M-drop and head back down.
  2. Wrap around the room to get the M-drop at the SE corner.
  3. Equip the SuedeGN on Nina and fight Morte
    1. 120 Hp (113/7)
    2. Place the soldiers in the back
  4. Nina use E-key, soldiers attack
  5. Head up the stairs and walk left along the top. Head up the next set of stairs
  6. Head right along the top of the room and down stairs.
  7. Head up and drop down the right hole.
  8. SAFETY: Life 2 down stairs right before Mortea
  9. Head up two stairs and fight Mortea
    1. 230hp (202/28)
    2. Nina use E-Key soldiers use B-stn and attack
  10. Head up the stairs, press the left button, and head down the left stairs. Grab the cure and follow the path.
  11. Run from these two Wizard fights


  1. Say yes to the guard and head down the waterfall out of town
  2. Mrbl3 once you land on the tower and head to the Wizard's lair
  3. Get Rang from chest on west side, then fight Wizard

Wizard Fight (169/11)

  1. 180hp (169/11)
  2. use E.Key, heal whenever needed, he can hit for 15

To General

  1. Go talk to Nina (stairs on the right) next to the bed.
  2. Head back down, then stairs in NE corner. Take tunnel out.
  3. Head SE to Tentar (follow path, then right and enter left half). Equip the Rang on Ryu.
  4. Save
  5. Enter bottom right white house and get saw.
  6. Leave town and backtrack to the forest inlet.
  7. North at first fork, north at second fork, then right. north at next fork and enter building.
  8. Heal if needed
  9. Attack the guards.
    1. Swap Ryu to front
    2. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  10. Heal with Nina cure and head NE, wrap around to the next guards.
    1. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  11. heal with Nina cure and take stairs down.
  12. Take the path to the right, the head up to the guards.
    1. Ryu attack, Nina E-key (repeat)
  13. Mash B to refuse the weapons

General Fight (169/90)

  1. Put ryu and bo in back
  2. Ryu attack/E-key, Nina fortify Bo/cure self, Bo fry once, then attacks
  3. Second wind: fry again.

To Wisp

  1. Fall down the trap to the south, put whoever has the most hp in front and grab the bottom right chest for damage.
  2. Get into a fight, defend till death back to Tantal.
  3. Leave and wrap around to the right side
  4. Enter center building and talk to old dude, then leave town
  5. Put Bo in front, head NW past forest to Romero at night.
  6. Enter top right house and talk to green lady on top floor
  7. Head to item shop and buy 18 acorns, 18 herbs, and a life (optional).
  8. Talk to the old lady in the cemetery. Drop down and take top chest for WtrJr. Exit.
  9. Head west through trees past wizard tower, enter cave on island to the south.


  1. Go up, then right, stairs at top left corner.
  2. Up, then up, stairs down at SE corner.
  3. Left, stairs down at SW corner. Get water and sprinkle.
  4. Take tablet (top) and cure (top-right), then leave old man's house and exit town.
  5. Head to Agua


  1. head up the stairs, then take platform down.
  2. Head left, then up through the doorway. Pass the two chests. Stairs up at top.
  3. Platform down, then bottom-left left. Get the chest, platform up, head up stairs.
  4. Take platform to the left, right. Take bottom-right right. Get the chest (Bracelet) and take platform up. Head up stairs.
  5. Head right, Grab hidden SteelBW in wall.
    1. Equips:
    2. Bo StrawHT
    3. Nina SuedeHT, Bracelet
    4. Ryu TheifCL

Wisp Fight

  1. No second wind
  2. Place everyone in the back
  3. Bo Fry
  4. Nina fortify herself and bo, then heal, acorn bo when needed
  5. Ryu E.key, acorn bo whenever needed

To General

  1. GRAB THE KEY, death warp out
  2. Head north to stone robot
  3. Head up all the stairs, skipping chests.


  1. ensure everyone is in the back
  2. Bo fry general(once) , ryu attack, nina E.key
  3. Fry and attack general again when in second wind

To Gremlin

  1. (Random encounters don't happen on the walk out)
  2. Activate the robot, then take portal above you. Wrap around and take far portal. Top-right portal. Close portal. Get Mrbl1 and Life2
  3. Return, and take far portal. Use the key in the block.
  4. Exit robot through the stairs.
  5. Enter left Tantar, talk to chief in main house. Grab key from top chest.
  6. Leave, and take cave by robot (No random encounters in first cave).
  7. Enter second cave and stairs down. Drop down the waterfall, then continue south in the water. Take right steps up, then stairs down
  8. Head up for 2000gp, then steps into the water and head right. Steps right, then turn left and take steps down. Drop down waterfall.
  9. Get SkySH on hill, get Ring, and portal out.
  10. Head back to left Tantal and watch the ceremony in Chief's hut. Save at the shrine if worried about Gremlin.
  11. Equip nina with SkySH (restore ninas and bo's AP if needed)
  12. enter the stone robot again.
  13. Take portal at top floor to your left, Wrap around and take far portal. Top-right portal, and take far portal.


  1. HP 1200 (600/600) - Ensure everyone is in the back
  2. Goal here is to use 6 frys and 4 e keys in both phase 1 and phase 2.
  3. Use acorns from Ryu on Bo on turns when Bo will drop to <10 AP, E keys otherwise.
  4. Have Nina fort everyone, then keep up with heals.
  5. If a bad situation happens, don't be afraid to queue up a cure from Bo, or an herb from Ryu.
  6. Can use a C-stn to count as 2 E key's on phase 2 to free up Ryu for more Acorns/heals.
  7. Make sure to enter phase 2 on the 6th fry to avoid red bar extra damage.

Dragon Shrine

  1. Go into dragon shrine
  2. Heal Ryu


  1. Hp 700
  2. Attack with E.key, heal when needed(every 3-4 turns)

Second Dragon

Auria, Bleak, and Arid

  1. Head south into cave. Head through, then go SE to Auria.
  2. Get the PrisnCL from the water, then talk to Karn.
  3. Talk to the captain on the dock to the west.
  4. Enter the house up the stairs on the left. Go upstairs, grab W-Ant on left, cure in dresser in top right room. Leave.
  5. Enter right house, go upstairs. Grab Mrbl1 on left and 2000gp in dresser.
  6. Enter top-right house, go upstairs. Grab Cure on left and talk to old man at bottom-right. Get 20000gp.
  7. Enter main building. Talk to king in main room. Head upstairs, go to top right room and get 2000 gp from dresser.
  8. Get Cure and G-Tiara from bottom left room.
  9. Leave and go to the shop.
  10. life 2 in Auria in hidden room in item shop
  11. Vitamin to dude in 2nd floor of item shop for 5000 gp0
  12. SELL
    1. Dirk, WoodSH, Bracelet, Robe, WolfHT
    2. BronzSD, SuedeCP, M.Drop
    3. Cure, SteelBW, G-Tiara, W-Ant
    4. Dress, other junk
  13. BUY
    1. 6 Mrbl1, 1 G Bar, 3 Worms
  14. Leave town and head to cave to the east. Go down stairs, and head west. Up at fork. Right at next fork. Left at next fork,
  15. Get ShellHT and Cure from chests.
  16. Walk back right and head down. Head up the stairs.
  17. Down at fork. Hear north around lake to town. SAVE FOR DEATHWARP
  18. Head to top house and trade gold bar for icicle with old man. Leave and enter cave to the west.
  19. Exit cave and head SSE to town. Enter red tent and accept quest. Go fight sand worm at top right.

Sand Worm

  1. 1200/400
  2. Nina Atk.UP Bo
  3. Bo attack
  4. Ryu transform into ThrDr
  5. AB nina heal whenever needed

To EyeSpy

  1. Take the Fife in the chest.
  2. Head south to Krypt.
  3. Wrap around right side to stairs in the middle. Head SE to big stairs down.

EyeSpy Fight

  2. Ryu turn into ThrDr and attack 7 times, then use marbl1
  3. Bo Fry twice
  4. Nina E.Key 3 times then heal
  5. When Bo can't fry, put him in front and hope he dies.
  6. Try to finish the first phase with a mrbl1 (260dmg)
  7. Just attack for the second wind phase.

To Cloud

  1. Head down the stairs, get all red chests except for the rightmost one, then open blue.
  2. Go down the "trap", and talk to Karn from below (not too fast or will softlock).
  3. Put Karn in front and head out (down the stairs through the locked door).
  4. head down big stairs in middle of room to your right.
  5. Open the caskets, starting with bottom middle counter clockwise.
  6. Get into an encounter and deathwarp out.
  7. Head to Tower of Darkness on the island in the middle.
  8. Go through door, grab chest for 2000Gp, then stairs up.
  9. Head down and talk to old man. Stairs up.
  10. Right stairs up.
  11. Stairs below you up.
  12. Stairs above you up.
  13. Left stairs down. Get HornHT and cure from two right chests. back up. Get Life 2, then right stairs down.
  14. Wrap around and take NE stairs up.
  15. SW stairs up (faster along top)
  16. Stairs to the right up

Cloud Fight

  1. 1400
  2. Karn + Bo in front, Nina + Ryu in back
  3. Karn E keys
  4. Nina defend and heals
  5. Bo frys then attacks
  6. Ryu ThrDr and then mrb1 5 times

Back to Auria

  1. Grab the key. Head down stairs to the bottom. and get mirror from behind old man. (Encounters still on during walk out)
  2. Head out and enter cave to west. north at fork. Open locked door for G Bar. Head west, then south and out. Enter Auria.
  3. Enter main house and stairs down on SW side. Talk to girl, then back to king at table.
  4. Back down to girl. Take the three inside chests not next to girl for dart, metalSH, and B-stn.
  5. Climb the tower and get the Ltkey at the very top.
  6. Head back down and go to the harbor. Change equips on the way:
  7. Equip:
    1. Ryu - IcyHT - MetalSH - Ring
    2. Karn - PrisonCL - HornHT - Gauntlet - Dart

Knight & Archer

  1. Defeat the archer first
  2. karn e.key
  3. nina b.stn archer
  4. bo fry archer
  5. ryu ThrDr
  6. AB after that to kill the knight.

To the Boat

  1. Give Gobi the G-bar for the bombs. Leave Auria and enter the cave to the north.
  2. Turn left and blow up the rocks. Fight the guards, have everyone defend but Ryu. Rang once, then ThrDr and attack twice.
  3. Head into the ship to the west. E-key once + ThrDr + AB to kill singles
  4. Go down the stairs above you.
  5. Restore Ryu's AP with 1-2 acorns (need 24 AP for two ThrDr's)
  6. Double fight: E key twice + ThrDr attacks
  7. Go up stairs to the right


  1. 752/248 - Ok to let people not Ryu die (will be intentionally dying next fight)
  2. Ryu transform into ThrDr
  3. AB 4 times, then mrbl1 once in second wind, use cure/herb when needed to heal.

Back to Auria again

  1. Leave the ship and head back to Auria and speak to captain at dock
  2. When you get into a battle, place ryu (and anyone still alive) in the front and "run" until you are dead.
  3. Go down into the hold of the ship (through the bedroom area), skipping the chests.
  4. Bowman fight (Bo Karn front, Ryu Nina back), E key twice, ThrDr with Ryu to finish. Everyone else defend.


  1. 1576/224
  2. Place Karn in the back.
  3. Ryu ThrDr, attack, use 1 mrbl1 on second wind
  4. Nina ATK-up Karn, fortify herself, then heal (possibly just defends?)
  5. Bo Fry
  6. Karn Attack

This game goes underwater, too!

  1. Head into the water and head west to Prima
  2. Enter the top house and talk to the fish on the right.
  3. Leave and head south back onto land. Follow the mountain range to Gant. Save.
  4. Enter the item shop and buy 15 B-stns
  5. Enter the house on top of the hill and talk to the dude on the right for the goods (IN THE CHEST).
  6. Return to Prima to get the gills.
  7. top floor of the inn, say no twice to get 6000g
  8. Get TideHT in right part of bookshelf, head out.
  9. Head east to the island and talk to Ryu.
  10. Head back to Prima and go to the top floor of the inn (left) and fight Morteo. Rest in case anyone is dead.


  1. 756/744
  2. gobi B-stn
  3. Ryu FlmDr
  4. Karn B-stn
  5. Nina B-stn
  6. AB, heal ryu in case he gets to low
  7. B-stn's on first round of second wind, then just attacks

Shopping and back on land

  1. Rest at the inn
  2. Go to the item shop (middle shop)
  3. Sell:
    1. SuedeGN - Robe - Visor
    2. SkullHTx2 - NiceHT - TideHT
    3. ThrowDR
  4. Buy:
    1. A few more acorns?
    2. 25 Mrbl1 (or until 850g)
    3. 85 Mrbl3 (exactly 850g)
  5. Order items, mrbl1 in the 2-4th slots.
  6. Head onto land to the NW.
  7. Head south to Nabal Dungeon. Go down the stairs. Smash the rocks with Ox and go upstairs.
  8. Smash rocks above, go up, smash next wall. go east to get MetalSH.
  9. Fight the guard here if low on exp for Nina levels (very unlikely)
  10. Back, smash NE wall, then NE and smash next wall.
  11. Wrap down, then smash NE wall and head north to stairs.


  1. 1871/429 - DEATHWARPING AFTER
  2. Put everyone in the back.
  3. Ox B-stn, healing duty
  4. Ryu ThrDR, attack with mrbl1
  5. Gobi B-stn
  6. Karn/Bo B-stn

Backtracking, then back through

  1. Hit east wall and head up stairs. Warp to Arad. Leave town and head SE to crypt.
  2. Place Karn in front to go through locked door and down stairs.
  3. SE to big stairs down. Place Ox in front, get B-rang from NW platform.
  4. Place someone alive in front of a party of 3 dead characters. Deathwarp off chest to the right.
  5. Enter top house, Talk to Smith to fix B-rang.
  6. Move bookshelf at NE corner, then enter room. Break rock with Ox, then talk to man with Karn in front.
  7. Head east from Gant and talk to man in the tent.
  8. Enter the water, pass the town, and get back on land to the NW, head to dungeon. Walk through it the same way as last time.
  9. Head north into the forest, steal the egg.


  1. Party: Karn, Bo, Gobi, Ryu
  2. 1250/750
  3. Place Karn in front
  4. Karn Shin
  5. Bo defend
  6. Gobi defend
  7. Ryu SnwDr, attack
  8. Karn attacks, Ryu attacks
  9. Bring Ox back in to heal if needed

It's a castle

  1. Slowly walk north to make the bird follow you.
  2. Slowly walk to the castle.
  3. Equip B.rang to ryu
  4. Party should be Ox, Combined Karn, Ryu, Nina
  5. Nina heal everyone
  6. Head east and push the left vase down for Life2.
  8. Head down stairs. Head south.

SlimeX Fight

  1. Party: Ox, Combined Karn, Ryu, Nina
  2. 600 / 1200
  3. Ox attack, heals if necessary
  4. Karn attack
  5. Ryu Mrbl1 x2
  6. Nina fortify ryu, then Atk-Up ryu, then heals.
  8. move nina and ox to the front
  9. Ryu FlmDr with attacks
  10. AB, ox and nina heal when needed

It's a Ghost city

  1. Head up stairs and talk to man in bed, then get into his bed and take the statue in his pillow.
  2. Save at shrine.
  3. Go west onto land, warp to Arad, then enter the moving city Wisdon.
  4. Stairs down and walk through the dungeon and into castle. Heal at fountain and head up stairs. Fight the ghosts.

The Ghosts

  1. Party: Ryu, Bo, Gobi, Karn
  2. WISP
    1. Ryu ThrDr, Bo defend, Gobi defend, Karn Shin
    2. AB to win.
  3. CLOUD
    1. Ryu ThrDr, Karn attack, Ox defend, Nina ATK-up Karn
    2. AB to win.
  4. MYST
    1. Ryu ThrDr, Karn attack, Ox heal Ryu/Karn or attack (nina likely dead)
    2. heals as needed
    3. Pop a couple Mrbl 1's here if you want

It's a Crab

  1. Un-shin and put gobi in to deathwarp right quick (back in the dungeon)
  2. Head north from Prima to volcano.
  3. East at first fork. Left at next fork for 3000gp, then back and south and go up the stairs twice for M-drop. Back down once.
  4. Go south, then left, then left and up stairs. Go to ledge to drop egg.


  1. 380/620
  2. Exchange Gobi for Bo
  3. Ryu ThrDr, Deis Fry, Bo Fry, Ox B-stn
  4. Deis Fry to finish off first wind.
  5. Second Wind:
  6. Ryu Mrbl1, Deis Fry, Bo Fry, Ox defend.

It's some good gear

  1. Enter prima again and talk to the guild leader. take the left chest for the sphere.
  2. Exit prima, put gobi in front and use his fish form (mrbl3 not needed)
  3. swim north and then west over the chasm.
  4. swim southwest until you find a way up to a small island.
  5. enter the city Tunlan, go up all the stairs in the city and enter the castle.
  6. Go to the right in the castle to get to the stairs.
  7. go left of the treasure room and take the chest.
  8. Push the right crate down to get Rod5, push the left crate to find the exit.
  9. Return to the sea and go fishy,
  10. swim north until you find another beach. go up and go east.
  11. Enter and exit gust.
  12. Warp to Romero,
  13. make party Bo, Nina, Deis, Ryu
  14. Leave to the west and enter floaty Agua.
  15. Swap Bo with Karn.
  16. Go north through locked door, then continue this to the top.
  17. Go left at fork, then platform down.
  18. Wrap around outside for FlameSH.
  19. Stairs up to your left.
  20. When you arrive at the dragon shrine, examine the front of the 2 dragon statues for LifeAr and IcyDr.
  21. Enter the main shrine and have Deis Exit out.
  22. Put Bo back in front and
    1. Equip ryu with LifeAr Rod5 and worms
    2. Equip Karn: ThiefCL, IcyDr, FlameSH
  23. go west through the forest around the topside of the mountain range.
  24. You should come across a old well, put ryu in front and start fishing for the DragonSD.
  25. Warp to Arad.
  26. Go west to the coast, then south to find another well. Fish for DragonHT.
  27. Walk north and then go through the mountains when there's an opening, you should see a beach to take you underwater.
  28. Put Gobi in front, use fish and go west around the island to beach.
  29. Go through the dungeon again and then go west once outside.
  30. go south at the intersection and you should soon find the next dragon shrine.
  31. Equip DragonHT on ryu.
  32. Get right chest for Mrbl2


  1. 1800
  2. Turn into ThrDr.
  3. attack using mrbl1 (takes 7 to kill)
  4. you can AB at the end if you want to save some mrbls for later.
  5. revert and transform if needing to heal, or just use a cure

The Third Dragon and Agni

It's little people

  1. Leave and warp to Gust. exit to north (no mrbl3's till dungeon)
  2. Go past the flower, and into the door.
  3. Make party Ox, Karn, Ryu, Nina, then Shin with Karn. Acorn Ox if needed
  4. Take right in the intersection and then take the middle path,
  5. knock a hole in the wall and go up the stairs. Find the mouse hole to the north (slightly east)
  6. Talk to the mouse in the rocks to be granted passage.
  7. Go right and then up to encounter the roaches.


  1. Party: Ox, shin'd Karn, Ryu, Nina
  2. Karn alone in front, everyone else in back
  3. First round: Ox defend, Karn attack far right, Ryu attack, Nina ATK-UP ryu
  4. Distribute as necessary future rounds, Nina ATK-UP others
  5. Ox/Nina heal if needed.
  6. Ryu can Mrbl1 when all roaches are in second wind if desired
  7. It's ok if characters die here, will be sleeping right after

It's another boss

  1. Rest at the inn.
  2. Head south back to rat. and get M-cura from left chest.
  3. Take stairs, then right platform up. Follow path around until you hit middle island, then platform up.


  1. 1400
  2. Karn alone in front
  3. Ryu BltDr and attacks. Ox heal as necessary.

lol it's another boss again

  1. Exit and reenter gust (south)
  2. Enter the cave to the west and north.
  3. Make party Ryu Karn Bo Gobi and heal/acrorn as needed


  1. 876/124
  2. Karn alone in front
  3. Ryu BltDr, Karn shin, others defend
  4. Bring in Ox to heal if needed

lol still more bosses

  1. Pick up the fly. Have karn revert, put Gobi in front, warp to Tunlan.
  2. Exit and go into the sea, turn to a fish.
  3. Swim east, and slightly north, swim past the spikes to get to another shore.
  4. Enter the cave and talk to the frog in the middle, trade the G.Fly for Oil.
  5. Put Ryu back in the party and warp to Gust.
  6. Enter the bottom right house and give the oil to deis.
  7. Restore Ryu's Ap with acorns (need 60)
  8. Have karn use Shin.
  9. Exit Gust to the north


  1. 2538/362
  2. Karn alone in front
  3. Ryu BltDgn Ox attack/heal, Karn Attack, Nina Forts/attack ups/heals
  4. AB

Yup, more bosses

  1. Go back to gust, enter the middle left house, search in the bed for the maestro.
  2. Ignore weird party setup, it will fix once the rugax fight starts
  3. Enter the bottom right house again.


  1. 1100
  2. Ryu BltDgn
  3. Karn Shin
  4. AB

Only one more boss for now, I promise

  1. Enter the item shop on the right hill.
  2. Sell:
    1. Mrbl2 - IcyHT - Gauntlet
    2. PrisonCL - Dart
  3. Buy:
    1. Mrbl1 until you have around 7000g left (around 40)
    2. as many Cure as you can, and acrnx9 for the rest.
  4. Karn cast shin and put him in the party
  5. order deis, nina , karn, ryu (ordering is important since horntoad tends to attack starting on the left)
  6. Place stacks of mrbl1 in slot 2,3 and 4.
  7. If you need to sleep here, consider picking up the sash in the inn's drawer's for +10 Karn ATK
  8. Exit gust to the north, the bride is to the left of the door.


  1. 2500/1500 (Deathwarping after)
  2. Put everyone in back row
  3. Deis Fry,
  4. Nina Atk-up karn, the fortify ryu
  5. Karn attack
  6. Ryu BltDgn, attacks
  7. if anyone dies, you can bring in ox to tank and die as well for future deathwarp

It's a dream sequence

  1. Head west into the desert. Go into the hole where you can see the mole
  2. Enter the middle room (with the mole in front) and talk to the mole next to the bed.
  3. Warp to Tunlan, go to the palace and talk to the lady in green.
  4. Talk to the princess, then go back down, exit the city (don't follow the lady)
  5. Use the DkKey to turn day to night, then re-enter and return to the castle.
  6. Follow to where the lady went, go through the hole in the wall to sneak a peek.
  7. Go to the treasury and do as the lady says.
  8. Go back to the treasure room, take the bolster from the rightmost chest (take it from the left)
  9. Also take the M.Drop from the leftmost chest,
  10. then walk in front of it to fall into a hole (quicker way out) Wap to Gramor.
  11. Go into the middle room again, enter Mogu's mind.
  12. Exit the dreamtown to the north, then head north to the tower.
  13. take the right path, left before the next switch, down
  14. go up when in line with the 2nd red switch, go up for 4-5 steps then right.
  15. Up right before the blue switch. Say no to the kid.
  16. Cast exit.
  17. go back to the town and into the building you came through.
  18. Talk to the old mole, then exit the town again and go west and south, then take the first right to find a cave. Speak to Courage.
  19. Switch ryu out for a dead party member if you have, then get into a battle in the gas field and death warp back to dreamtown.
  20. Go back to the tower in the north.
  21. Find your way back to the kid and advance to the next floor.
  22. once walls disappear, you're going up, right, down, left, then up
  23. Take left in the first intersection then right after you activate the red switch.
  24. Then left in the next one, and go up the stairs.
  25. Go right just before the next blue switch (the one where there's 3).
  26. try to find a way right before the next red switch, go up the stairs.
  27. Transform Karn before talking to the kid and make party Ryu Nina Ox Karn


  1. 3500
  2. Ryu BoltDgn (Even if Mothro dodges Ryu's attack, they're still connecting. Just a bug
  3. Nina ATK-up Ox and karn
  4. Ox attack
  5. karn Attack
  6. Switch nina out for Mogu once shes done buffing (place him in front)
  7. AB

The Tower to Mote

  1. When you leave Gramor, go to the plant thingy just south from the hole, and have mogu dig for a root. Then go through the cave to the south.
  2. Enter Spring, exit and warp to Camlon, go north and dig to get karns doof spell.
  3. Now warp to gust and enter the maestro house, push the crates and search to find EarthRB (absorbs magic
  4. Warp to Spring, go south to the tower
  5. have mogu dig your way in, switch out mogu again
  6. Equip Ryu with DragonSD and EarthRB, move E key to front somewhere
  7. Go down the stairs and take the north path. Continue following this path, take the left over the bridge to get to the stairs.
  8. Green Room: Stairs to the north east
  9. Rainy Room: South West
  10. Sand Room: South east
  11. Snow Room: North
  12. Sky Room: South West
  13. Space Room: North East
  14. Check out the pillar.
  15. Exit the town, go south and then up on the hill.
  16. Walk all the way around and enter the cave. (no encounters)
  17. Keep going north and go down the stairs. (encounters start)
  18. Follow the path to get to another set of stairs.
  19. Go to the left on the next floor, continue following the path north and you should get to more stairs.
  20. You should now be on a small (ice?) path that will spin around occasionally.
  21. Spinners -> left down up right
  22. down at fork, down at next fork.
  23. left at spinner, continue left to spinner
  24. left at spinner, up at second fork.
  25. left at spinner,
  26. You should now get to a new area, take the middle stairs.
  27. Fall down a hole one step under one of the candles to the right.
  28. In the room with a lot of different staircases make party Ryu Mogu Deis Karn (Doof'd).
  29. Go up the bottom right staircase.


  1. 5628 / 3372 - Use as many Mrbl1's as you want here, until you have 5 left (You'll likley end with ~8 left)
  2. (1st Encounter): Have Karn/Ryu use Mrbl1s to deal 1500 damage, keep Nina out
  3. (2nd Encounter): Rotate Ryu and Karn to front/back as needed. If you have the earthrb on Ryu, he's pretty safe in the front too.
  4. Have Nina atk up and fort Ryu and Karn.
  5. Mrbl1's from Ryu and Karn, E-keys (to count as elemental damage and reduce count by 2)/heals (cures if needed) from others.

Too many trips up the tower

  1. Take key
  2. Activate the machine, cast exit.
  3. Warp to Spring.
  4. Buy more cures if needed
  5. Put Ryu in front
  6. Go to the pond with ducks in the left part of spring, fish up the DragonAR
  7. Head into the waterfall.
  8. Head south and walk up the mountain to Tock.
  9. Take the north path and then left and step on the next 2 arrows that go left.
  10. Then walk up until you get to an arrow that takes you right.
  11. Take 2 switches to the left and go up the stairs.
  12. Take 3 switches to the right and the up.
  13. Walk around the whole room, then walk up the stairs.
  14. Just go straight for the stairs in the next room.
  15. Walk to the top side of the room, and then step on the switches going:
  16. left, left, left(down), right, right, down(right), right, left (should now be at chest)
  17. left(up), right, up, should now be at stairs.
  18. Walk up to find Cerl.
  19. If ryu is dead, just enter a fight to death warp to carmen
  20. Otherwise just walk back there.
  21. When you met up with everyone, walk back to Tock. (put bo in front)
  22. Climb Tock again, the same way as before
  23. Use acorns to restore Nina's, Ryu's and Karn's AP when using mrbls, also have Karn cast Doof again.


  1. 3500 (2625)
  2. Ryu BoltDgn Mrbl1
  3. Nina Atk-up karn
  4. karn Attack Mrbl1
  5. Make sure you have 5 mrbl1 left for Avian.

It's Amnesia

  1. Warp to Carmen, talk to Deis and Alan. (house next to windmill)
  2. Exit and go down to the shore, punch the tree for the fruit.
  3. Go south to get back the fortress, go to the top floor and get the key.
  4. You will now be at Tock, head up the stairs to the machine and activate it.
  5. When you appear outside of tunlan, hit the tree to the left of the city until you get a C.Nut.
  6. Enter tunlan, find nina (floor before the palace)
  7. Leave and warp to Carmen.
  8. Go back through the fortress where you fought cerl
  9. Go southwest to the bridge (go through the poison)
  10. Have ryu fish from the bridge for a P.Fish
  11. Warp back to Carmen
  12. Go into the windmill above the weapons store,
  13. head upstairs, push the barrel to find a W.Ant.
  14. Talk to the doctor on the first floor to get the Tonic.
  15. Right of the mill, there should be a cloaked man,
  16. talk to him and then search the area where he was standing for a Pass.
  17. Warp to Tunlan and go give the Tonic to Nina.
  18. Use nina to fly south west, and fly over the broken bridge where you just fished.
  19. In the mountains you will find Scande, enter and examine the elevator panel.
  20. Warp to spring, enter the house south of the inn, talk to the man in the bed to get B.Part.
  21. Fly north-east from Spring, you will find a well in the mountains, fish for the DragonSH
  22. Fly North and slightly east to find another dragon shrine.
  23. Equip Ryu with the DragonAR and DragonSH


  1. 3000
  2. Transform into FireDgn
  3. Attack using the rest of your Mrbl1's you are not gonna need them anymore.
  4. Heal with cure every 3rd turn, He dies in 5 attacks.


  1. Fly east and slightly south from the shrine to find a cave (the one where you got waterJr)
  2. Go up then right, on the next floor go up. on the next floor down.
  3. Head into the water, go into the shrine and learn how to use agni.

The End Game

It's Zog

  1. Cast exit, warp to Gant.
  2. Enter the house on the top of the hill,2nd floor talk to the red lady.
  3. Have the smith fix the parts.
  4. Fly south west from Gant to get back to Scande.
  5. Fix the elevator panel and then ride the elevator.
  6. Talk to the man and learn about the D.Hrt
  7. Cast exit then warp to Tunlan.
  8. Walk up the first stairs and enter the house right in front of you, talk to the lady to get the
  9. D.Hrt, fly SSW to get back to scande. Go up the elevator again.
  10. Do not use mrbl3 on the first floor
  11. 1st floor: Take the left path, walk around the "platform" until you get to the stairs.
  12. 2nd floor: Go straight down til the next stairs.
  13. 3rd floor: go straight up til the next stairs.
  14. 4th floor: straightforward
  15. 5th floor: cure in a chest
  16. 6th floor: straightforward
  17. 7th floor: go up until you get to a room with red floor.


  1. 6000/10000
  2. use agni -> AB

It's that earlier dungeon again

  1. After the cutscene, walk down to find the exit.
  2. Walk up, right, down and talk to the mole people, go down the hole.
  3. Walk out from the moles room to find yourself on the bottom of scande.
  4. Walk back up to the exit and leave.
  5. warp to romero and fly to Agua
  6. walk to the top of agua, then follow Sara in the shrine.
  7. Follow after Jade.
  8. Go right and up and step on the switch to get up, take the stairs.
  9. Walk across the bridge, take right in the intersection, go down the stairs.
  10. Step on the switch, head right and around the bottom of the room.
  11. Head up at first chance, wrap through, step on switch, then up to stairs.


  1. Nina, Ryu, Karn, Mogu
  2. 15000
  3. Karn use D.Hrt
  4. Attack with Ryu and Mogu

Final Dungeon Prep

  1. Walk down the stairs and continue, when you get into the room with the hole, don't go into the hole, you can walk around to the stairs.
  2. Space room:
  3. Go down in the first intersection.
  4. Down after using the platform
  5. After the cutscene, you will appear at Drogen.
  6. Fly east and slightly north until you find an island with a lonely house.
  7. Talk to the lady there, leave and fly south to the tent.
  8. Get the list from the man, it’s in the closes chest, just push the jar.
  9. Fly back to the lady, take the Wizit from the chest in her house.
  10. Fly back to the man, fly back to the lady (repeat until done) you will get the I.Claw
  11. Warp to Gramor enter the door north of the shrine and talk to the mole.
  1. Fly east from gramor until the well, then far north over the ocean (1 second faster than flying south), you should find a dragon mound where you can dig.
  2. Take the first chest on the left for a StarSh
  3. Fly west until the mountain ends and then north to find Obelisk.
  4. use Mogu to dig through the cracks in the floor.
  5. Take the south path, then south again.
  6. Travel on the platforms then go down the stairs.
  7. Go north to the platform
  8. go down in the intersection for another platform.
  9. Follow after goda.


  1. 5504/5496
  2. Ryu use Agni AB

That was the first part of the boss rush

  1. In the room with 4 platforms, take the left one.
  2. Just navigate through the next room riding on the platforms,
  3. equip Ryu with the StarSH and EarthRB and restore his AP with acorns
  4. Use the platform in the next room and go down the stairs0
  5. Tell Jade no


  1. 21876/3124
  2. Transform into Agni AB
  3. Heal with cure M.Drop or life2 (restores AP so you don’t need to before godess)
  4. Remember that you need 2-3 healing items for Myria

Finally the final boss

  1. Make sure Ryu is in 4th position before Myria


  1. 1945/29055
  2. Transform into Agni, use life2 or WtrJr to restore AP.
  3. Attack to go into the next phase
  4. Cast Agni AB
  5. Heal at around 250 HP
  6. She needs 30 attacks to die while in Second Wind
  7. Timer stops on final hit.