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Created by AndyPerfect

This guide is the result of combining Highspirit's guide found here along with strategies used by user aoiro_kuroaka as well as new ones developed by myself. The first draft was completed on October 12, 2019. This guide may still change periodically as it's the main guide I use for running. Changes will likely be pretty minimal though as the route is already pretty well established.


Act 1

The Luminary


  1. Equip offensive on hero, increase camera speeds (5ish feels good), and set battle mode speed to ultra fast
  2. Cross the bridge and initiate slime fight
  3. Set battle speed to ultra fast. Attack out
  4. Head to top of Tor


  1. 19 HP each
  2. Attack out


  1. Head to the top
  2. Go talk to Dunstan
  3. Head home
  4. Talk to Gemma at the tree
  5. Talk to mom at city gate. Select Yes
  6. Grab seed of life along southern wall, SSW of campsite. Gallop into fence by campsite
  7. Head to Heliodor
  8. Approach guards in front of castle
  9. Head into throne room
  10. break both pots, rattle door, and talk to Erik
  11. Cross 2nd bridge in sewer
  12. Run from and sneak past all the guards
    1. Jump over box at first guard and second guard
    2. Don't have to wait the cycle at the third guard. Just go.
  13. Head to the dragon
  14. Escape, while avoiding all the other enemies

Sneak back into Helidor

  1. Talk to the nun and leave the church
  2. Hit the shiny tree on the way up to collect buzzberry
  3. Head into Heliodor
  4. Item shop
    1. 8 herbs in bag
    2. 3 holy waters in bag
  5. Search trash
  6. go to inn
  7. climb tower
  8. Talk to Ruby at the inn
  9. talk to dog girl twice to give items
  10. talk to hall guard
  11. Get seed of strength from left barrel in little shack next to stairs
  12. Get fishnet stockings from house east of church in first floor wardrobe
  13. Head up the backside of that house
  14. Enter Derk's home (first on the right)
  15. Leave Heliodor through downtown

Back to Cobblestone

  1. Head to manglegrove and talk to item shop dude
    1. Sell
      1. Erik's Soldier's sword
      2. Erik's Birchwood Boomerang
      3. Erik's Wayfarer Clothes
      4. Bag's Fishnet Stockings
    2. Buy
      1. Leather shield in bag
      2. Two Boxer shorts for bag
      3. Two Pointy Hats for bag
      4. 4 Chimera Wings for bag
  2. Head to woodcutter's shack
  3. Forge 1 Bronze Sword (try to get +2, not perfect. Two swings on each row before moving to next row)
    1. Equips:
      1. Erik auto equip offensive
      2. Hero auto equip defensive
      3. Hero equip Gemma's charm
    2. Seed of Life on Hero
    3. Seed of strength on Erik
    4. Transfer 7 herbs from bag to hero, and 2 to Erik
    5. Erik Character Builder
      1. Swords: Flame Slash
  4. Head east and check the root
  5. Head up to the chest to initiate Tricky Devil fight

Tricky Devil

  • 148 HP
  • Set everyone to follow orders
  • Devil's attack order:
    • Sizz (18ish a piece),
    • attack,
    • Heal if <50%,
    • attack
    • attack
    • attack
  • Flame slashes from Erik, Frizz's from Hero.
  • Heal <= 15
  • 3 frizzes should be enough to finish it off on the turn before the heal

Back in Time

  1. Head back to Cobblestone and go home
  2. Go talk to Gemma and say yes
  3. Head to the dock for a scene
  4. Head back to main town
  5. Leave town, grab the horse, and head east to emerald coast
  6. Check triangle rock (while on horse)
  7. Head east to the campsite and save to get chimera wing location

Early Dungeons and Characters


  1. Head into kingsbarrow
  2. Head down all the stairs, head past first outside entrance
  3. Turn left at first chance, then continue straight to outside entrance
  4. Grab strength ring to the south and equip it on Erik, then head back in.
  5. Head to bottom of the dungeon and fight sparkly egg, also on show no mercy (Erik 6 Hero 5)
  6. Erik Character Builder
  7. Hop up to right platform to get seed of defence, then down to get the phials.
  8. Use seed of defence on Hero

Grim Gryphons

  • 128 HP each
  • Action chances and Notes
    • Attack 60%, Claw 20%, Deceleratle 10%, Woosh 10%
    • Hero will usually survive 3 regular attacks. Erik might not.
    • 18 is about the max someone can take on a turn
    • Set everyone to follow orders
  • Group pep if it's available
  • Hero heal almost every turn/ / frizz
  • Erik Flame slash
  • Learn ATK+10 on Erik after the fight


  1. Chimera wing back out to latest save (Emerald Coast)
  2. Grab a horse and head east and head through
  3. Head west and enter Hotto
  4. Head up the stairs toward the pub
  5. Armor shop
  6. Sell a Magic water for 250g, Buy chain mail and equip on Erik
  7. Head into the bathhouse through the men's curtain - select yes
  8. Head into the sauna
  9. Leave the bathhouse, then wing to second option
  10. Head back in and talk to Veronica
  11. Head into the bar
  12. Wing back to Hotto (second option)
  13. Head west to the campsite to save, grabbing the horse along the way
  14. Continue along the path to the crypt.
    1. Take the first right, the left path at first semi-big room.
    2. Turn right, run past the root, and go through second doorway on the right.
    3. take SE path down for robber gloves.
    4. Take left dooway north, pass save point room for silver platter in chest,
    5. Equip defensive on Hero and robber gloves on Erik
    6. Head into save room, heal but don't save. Head north for root then head into room for boss


  • Jarvis 256 HP, Shadows 70 HP
  • Action chances and Notes
    • Action sequence (Jarvis): attack, attack OR deep breath, cool breath
    • Action chance (shadow): attack 60%, Crack 20%, Snooze 20%
  • Set tactics to everyone follow orders
  • Hero heal / frizz
  • Erik Flame Slash
  • 3 flame swords and a frizz should finish shadows off
  • defend if needed on breath prep
  • group pep on Jarvis if able


  1. Head to the jail room
  2. Head downstairs and meet with group
  3. Head back to the bar
  4. Try to leave town to learn zoom
  5. Chimera wing to latest save (Hotto Steppe)
  6. Check the campfire for the zoom location, run back to get the horse and ride to guard
  7. Enter town through ghost to the right of the guard, enter top left building
  8. Talk to dude in the center, leave the room, then zoom to exit 3d mode
  9. Head to Gallopolis
  10. Head into Palace
  11. Go to the left room and get stockings from middle wardrobe on right and concrete earrings from chest
  12. Head up to Throne room
  13. Grab 1500g from chest behind throne, then head into east room at bottom of stairs
  14. Grab feathered cap from wardrop on the left, iron broadsword from chest, and sleeping hibiscus from left pot across bed
  15. Zoom to Gallopolis (From the map menu)
  16. Head to inn and rest awhile until night
  17. Meet Faris outside of circus (say yes)
  18. After waking up, grab the turban from wardrop closest to bed
  19. Zoom to Gallopolis and talk to Faris in the race room (Say yes)
  20. Hop on the horse then ride to race area, talking to the guard in the hallway
  21. Finish the race, (doesn't matter if you lose)
  22. Head back to the throne room
  23. Head into Faris' room
  24. Run to town entrance to meet Faris

Prep in the desert

  1. Equipment and skills
    1. Hero offensive
    2. Hero concrete Earrings
    3. Serena Offensive
    4. Serena Fishnet stockings
    5. Hero learn Flame Slash
    6. Serena -> Speaks: Cattle Prod, ATK Power + 10
    7. Veronica -> Vim: Magic Might + 10
  2. Call horse from bell and head to campfire to west to get zoom point
  3. Head to desert and talk to the guard to get him to move
  4. Grind on Prestidigitators for hero and Erik to lvl 10 (will likely take 3 fights)
    1. Set tactics to show no mercy and auto fight
  5. Approach Faris to the north
  6. Recamp
    1. Rectify Erik's swords
    2. Learn knives: ATK Pow + 5, Crit chace + 2%, Cobra Strike
  7. Shopping
    1. Poison Moth Knife on Erik
    2. 11 Strong Medicines on Hero
    3. 3 on Erik
    4. 4 on Veronica
    5. 6 on Serena
    6. 4 in bag
  8. Hop on the horse and ride to Slayer

Slayer of Sands

  • Slayer of Sands 712 HP
  • Action chances and Notes
    • 1 action on odd turns, 2 actions on even turns.
      • attack
      • claw + confusion
      • critical hit
      • Kasap + sand breath
    • HP safety line is 58 for critical (Veronica might die at full HP).
    • Debuffs: Dazzle 37.5%, Sap 75%, Decelerate 75%, poison 37.5%
  • TACTICS: Follow Orders
  • LINE-UP: Hero, Erik, Veronica, Serena
    • HERO: Flame Slash
    • ERIK: Cobra Strike
    • VERONICA: Sap, Sizz
    • SERENA: Dazzle, Buff, heal, attack
  • On turn 1, Serena should use Buff on Hero if Hero wasn't hit, else on herself.
  • Ensure at least Erik and Hero are at full HP before critical.
  • Use Strong Medicine to heal critical hit damage.
  • Heal sand breath damage in reverse party order.
  • Aim to win before the 3rd critical.

To Gondolia

  1. Zoom to Gallopolis
  2. Head to the Item shop
  3. SELL
    1. Erik's Robber Globes
  4. Leave town and zoom to south of Gallopolis (down 2)
  5. Rectification
    1. Reset Sylvando's Litheness (240g)
  6. Character Builder
    1. Sylvando whips: Hypnowhip, Attack Power + 5, Lashing of love
    2. Sylvando Showmanship: Kiss me deadly
  7. Rectification
    1. Reset Sylvando's whips (280g)
  8. Character Builder
    1. Sylvando showmanship: Charm + 40
  9. Rectification
    1. Reset Sylvando's Showmanship (560g)
  10. Character Builder
    1. Sylvando Litheness: Hot Lick, Sobering Slap, Tap Dance
    2. Sylvando Showmanship: Fuddle Dance
  11. Rectification
    1. Reset Sylvando's Litheness (440g)
  12. Character Builder
    1. Sylvando Showmanship: Hustle Dance
    2. Sylvando Litheness: Hot Lick and Sobering Slap,
  13. Hop on the horse and ride/run to Gondolia

Intro to Gondolia

  1. Weapon Shop
    1. Sell Hero's Iron Broadsword
    2. Sell hero's boxer shorts
    3. Sell Veronica's Thorn Whip
    4. Sell Serena's Bronze Lance
    5. Sell Serena's Hairband
    6. Sell Sylvando's Whip
    7. Sell Sylvando's Divine Dagger
  2. Buy broader sword for bag
  3. Equipment
    1. Offensive on hero
    2. Strength ring on hero
    3. Chain mail on Hero
    4. Remove Erik's hat
    5. Offensive on Serena
    6. Offensive on Sylvando
  4. Items
    1. Transfer 4 strong medicines to Sylvando
    2. Transfer sleeping hibiscus from bag to Erik
    3. Transfer 1 magic water from bag to Sylvando
  5. Head to dock entrance
  6. Go to mayor's house
  7. Zoom to Gondolia (up 2) and head south to leave
  8. Head west to cave, avoiding all enemies
  9. Head through the cave to the back

Corallossus x2

  • 230 HP
  • Debuff chances: Dazzle 56.25%, Sap 93.75%, Sleeping Hibiscus 75%
  • Line up: Erik, Sylvando, Veronica, Hero
  • Set tactics to follow orders
  • Actions
    • Sylvando: Hot Lick / Hustle Dance
    • Erik: Sleeping Hibiscus / Cobra Strike
    • Hero: Sizz
    • Veronica: Sizz
  • Swap in Serena for heals if needed / when people die
  • After the fight, Hero Greatsword skills: Guard, ATK + 3, Cutting Edge

Back to Gondolia

  1. Get the water
  2. Zoom to Gondolia (up 2) and head to the stage
  3. Just attack and intentionally lose to the guard fight
  4. Run up the stairs, then turn south and split the guards
  5. East across both bridges and up the stairs
  6. head north, then west onto main bridge SCENE
  7. Jump off, then take east bridge and hop on boat.
  8. dock at NW pier. Grab seed of strength from middle barrel and use it on hero.
  9. Wrap around the back to stage


  • Info
  • 630 HP
  • 2 actions on odd turns, 1 action on even turns.
  • Action sequence
    • (1) Sword Stance + attack
    • (2) Zam
    • (3) attack + Fizzle
    • (4) Zam (critical)
  • HP safety line: 63+? for critical Zam
  • Line-up: Hero, Sylvando, Veronica, Serena
  • Feel free to use some strong medicines here
  • Actions
    • Hero: Cutting Edge
    • Sylvando: Oomph on Hero / heal / Magic water / reheal / hot lick
    • Serena: Buff on self / Buff on others / heal
    • Veronica: Sap / Magic Barrier / Heal / defend / sizz

We have a boat

Gearing up

  1. Head NW to Costa Valor beach
  2. South to grab turtle shell from chest
  3. Summon horse and ride to Puerto Valor
  • Head all the way east and go up curvy stairs at the end for extra gold
  1. Zoom to Gondola - Sea (up 3)
  2. Use Holy water and sail NE to Zwaardsrust (don't get disembark text, which seems to remove effect of holy water)
  3. Summon a horse and ride north to Dundrasil, stopping by inn to get zoom location (just need to enter gate)
  4. Head west across bridge, stop by Octagonia (enter and leave for zoom) then take southern fork twice
  5. Head to camp and rest
  6. Shop:
    1. Sell Hero's Broader Sword
    2. Sell Hero's earrings
    3. Sell Tortoise Shell
    4. Buy black blade for hero
    5. Sell anything else needed to get 4330g
  7. Ride just south and get chest in first house for rod of rapidity
  8. Head into the NE house in clump south of bridge, get chest on balcony for seed of life
  9. Ride up bride into Dundrasil
  10. Head into the building, jump up boxes, and grab dragon scale from right chest
  11. Go through well
  12. Pick up shiny spot for strong medicine on south near hidden area
  13. Crawl into hidden area and learn recipes
  14. craft armor (2630g) and helmet (1700g)
  15. use seed of life on Hero
  16. Equip offensive on hero and dragon scale


  1. Zoom to Octagonia (up 4) and head into the lobby
  2. Talk to the receptionist, then head east and get in the elevator
  3. Head up the stairs to start
  4. Head back down, talk with Serena then stay at the inn
  5. Break the barrel behind you for a magic water. then go talk to Vince

Abominable Showman and Underdigger

  • Info
    • Abominable Showman: 251 HP Underdigger: 292 HP
    • Turn order: Underdigger, Abominable Showman or Vince, Hero
    • HP safety line: 68 against Underdigger critical hit
    • Beware of pep combo on turn 4 or 5 (defend against it)
    • Take out Abominable Showman first to try and avoid more combos.
    • Vince will sometimes use Strong Medicine, but don't count on it.
    • If Hero gets focused down, you lose. Just try again (refill Strong Medicine as needed).


    • Hero: Cutting Edge (attack when out of MP)

Vince's Story

  1. Leave the lobby for a scene with party
  2. Grab Garter from wardrobe on 2nd floor of building behind Veronica down stairs
  3. Grab some extra strong medicines if needed
  4. Head to orphanage and proceed through events

Sinderella and Whambelina

  • Info
    • Both have 304 HP
    • Turn order: Sinderella, Vince, Hero or Whambelina
    • Sinderella MP use: Sizz 3, Sizzle 7, Frizzle 8, Midheal 6
    • Attack Whambelina first (Sinderella will run out of MP before you beat her).
    • Sinderella can also hit for 60ish
    • Beware of pep combo on turn 4 or 5 (50-60 damage).
  • Actions
    • Cutting Edge / Strong Medicine

Sterling Sylva and Golden Boy

  • Info
    • Sylva 346 HP, Golden Boy 336 HP
    • Turn order: Golden Boy, Vince, Hero or Sterling Sylva
    • Attack Golden Boy first
    • Pep combo comes on turn 4 or 5.
    • you'll likely heal quite a bit in this fight
  • Actions
    • Cutting Edge / Strong Medicine

Jade and Rab

  • Info
    • Jade 414 HP, Rab 364 HP 52 MP
    • Jade action sequence: attack, Vacuum Smash, assess situation, Harvest Moon, attack, Leg Sweep
    • Rab action sequence: assess situation, Zam, Midheal, Snooze, Crackle, Midheal
    • Rab MP use: Snooze (3), Midheal (6), Zam (6), Crackle (8)
    • You Snooze, You Lose.
    • Defend/heal until Rab's MP runs out (third Zam), then attack whichever has more damage.
    • can attack if you're high on health on a round where no pep is happening
    • Pep combo comes around turn 5 and again around turn 15.
  • Actions
    • Defend / Heal (Vince will generall heal you before you need to when defending) / Cutting Edge

Through the Cave

  1. Go sleep at the inn
  2. Head over to orphanage to the hole
  3. Head through dungeon, then grab 4 phials of magic water
  4. Items
    1. 1 magic water from bag to Sylvando
    2. 1 magic water from bag to Serena
    3. 1 magic water from bag to Veronica
    4. 1 magic water from bag to Erik
  5. Equips
    1. Offensive on Sylvando
    2. Offensive on Erik
    3. Garter on Serena
    4. Dragon Scale on Hero


  • Info
    • 1276 HP
    • 2 random actions every turn.
      • attack (poison chance)
      • volley of ferocius stings (5-6 random target attack + Kasap)
      • web (full-party turn loss)
      • Kafuddle
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Decelerate 75%, poison 37.5%, Fizzle 37.5%
    • Line-up: Hero, Sylvando, Veronica, Serena
    • Use Strong Antidote to prevent Rab from wasting a turn healing poison.
    • Note that Rab has Zing, so don't rush to use leaves if it's not an emergency.
  • Actions
    • Hero: Cutting Edge, heal
    • Sylvando: Oomph, Heal, Sobering Slap, ReHeal, Hot Lick, Magic Water
    • Veronica: Sap, heal, Fizzle (after successful sap, swap in Erik if don't need to take an important action)
    • Serena: Buff (Hero / Sylvando /Serena), heal, Magic Water
    • ERIK: Attack, try to envenom

Getting the First Orbs

  1. Talk to coliseum receptionist
  2. Against Vince, Cutting Edge Vince twice, then normal attack
  3. Zoom to Dundrasil campsite (up 3), grab horse, ride to town
  4. Head down the well and to Rab.
  5. After second scene with grave, grab Drasilian Sovereign from barrel to the left and Devil's Tail from jar to the right
  6. Proceed forward and work through all the events (back to Dundrasil after fall)

The Open Ocean


  1. Zoom to Puerto Valor (up 2)
  2. Go to Don Rodrigo's mansion and enter
  3. Zoom to Gondolia - Sea (down 5)
  4. Approach the water gate near Puerto Valor for a scene, then use a holy water from the bag and head to the Strand
  5. Approach Jade, then talk to Dave and leave the Strand.
  6. (These can be done during an ocean random encounter:)
    1. LINE-UP: Jade, Rab, Sylvando, Hero
    2. TACTICS: Follow Orders
  7. Sail SE, then E to Lonalulu (expect 3-4 encounters, flee)
  8. Enter Lonalulu. Event.
  9. Pick up 3000G from chest under stairs to beach
  10. Weapon Shop: buy a Trident for Jade
  11. Go to church (must be early to mid day)
  12. Enter church, Reset Jade's Fisticuffs (220g) and Allure (280g)
  13. Character Builder
    1. Jade Spears: Cattle Prod (top), Attack +5, Thunder Thrust, Deliverance, Attack +10
    2. Jade Fisticuffs Maximum HP +10
    3. Confirm, then learn Spears: Multithrust
  14. Equip Devil's Tail on Sylvando
  15. Talk to old woman (take long winding climbing path). Say Yes.
  16. Zoom to Lonalulu - Sea (right 1)
  17. Approach ships at sea (expect 0-1 encounters, flee)


  • Info
    • Legs 272 HP, Head 1345 HP
    • Debuffs: Sap 56.25%, Sleeping Hibiscus 75%, poison 50%
    • The cannon will keep Tentacular for acting for the first two turns.
    • Kill legs, then head
    • If things go south, Rab's Dazzle has a decent chance of working.
  • Actions
    • Jade: Multithrust legs then boss
    • Rab: Sap Tentacular / M-Pathy Jade / defend
    • Sylvando: Oomph (Jade twice, then Hero) / Hustle Dance
    • Hero: Cutting Edge

Phnom Nonh

  1. After the Tentacular battle, learn ATK + 10 on Hero's Greatswords
  2. Leave festival area.
  3. Talk to Kai (end of pier). Select yes both times
  4. Go to Saikiki Beach and approach hut.
  5. Zoom to the Strand (up 2)
  6. Talk to Michelle, Choose Yes (up to get to it) both times
  7. Sail to Champs Sauvage (via whirlpool to the east; expect 2 encounters, flee).
  8. Ride to the north camp (stairs near the camp are a horse blocker). Check the fire to get the zoom point
  9. Go back the way you came to Phnom Nonh
  10. Head up all the stairs for a scene with little girl
  11. Run down the stairs to shrine.
  12. Walk back to the inn (Zoom is blocked
  13. Sleep at the inn (free).
  14. Get the Seed of Magic (jar on inn 2F, alcove next to vault counter), use on Hero
  15. Zoom to Champs Sauvage (right 1 down 1)
  16. Run to the Eerie Eyrie.

Eerie Eyrie

  1. Climb wall north of camp, Run through the eastern cave to the north
  2. Run south down the river, drop down, fight glowing skeleton (show no mercy)
  3. Climb wall to the west, climb more wall to the north.
  4. Take 2nd from left branch, drop down, and head to boss room
  5. Magic Water x4 (Chest before the boss). Move all to Hero.

Elysium Bird

  • Info
    • Elysium Bird: 800 HP, Condors 150 HP
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Dazzle 56.25%(?), Sleeping Hibiscus 50%
    • Elysium Bird action sequence (2 actions on even turns)
      • (1) Sizzle
      • (2) grab (strong physical attack) + Multiheal
      • (3) Sizzle (critical)
      • (4) attack + grab
    • Set everyone back to follow orders
    • Focus down condor’s, then boss
    • Keep Jade's HP up on turn 4 (double physical) and swap out other characters for that turn if HP is low.
  • Actions
    • Jade: Multithrust
    • Rab: sap, heal, Crackle, Zam
    • Sylvando: Oomph (Jade) / Hustle Dance
    • Hero: Cutting Edge
  • On level up, learn Hymn of Ice on Serena

The Painting

  1. Grab the Silver Silver Orb (boss treasure chest) and zoom to Phnom Nonh (right 1 down 2)
  2. Go to the ruins
  3. Approach the zombie townspeople
  4. Approach the zombie townspeople again
  5. Proceed to the broken tablet
  6. Examine the light crack
  7. Walk back to the inn
  8. Return to the dungeon and proceed to the vines
  9. Proceed to the next floor
  10. Climb the stairs in front of the goddess statue (full heal)


  • Info
    • Dora-in-Grey 1200HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • (1) tentacle (attack and absorb HP) or attack
      • (2) charm or ability lock
      • (3) finger flick (critical attack on character with highest HP) or laser (party dam)
    • Keep Jade's HP high to draw finger flick target.
    • Cure Charm ASAP (Sylvando Sobering Slap or a physical attack if you're feeling lucky).
    • Swap hero in first, he can use some strong medicines if needed or holy waters on Jade
    • Line up: Rab, Veronica, Sylvando, Jade
  • Actions
    • Rab: Right as Rain / Sap if Veronica missed / Heal / Zam / Mpathy
    • Veronica: Sap / heal / defend
    • Sylvando: Oomph Jade, heal, sobering slap
    • Jade: Multithrust

Clean up and Sniflheim

  1. Examine light crack, then leave inn and zoom to Zwaardsrust - sea (up 6)
  2. head west and head down light to Nautica
  3. Item Shop
    1. 7-9 panacea on Hero
    2. 3 panacea on Jade
    3. 3 panacea on Sylvando
    4. 3 panacea on Erik
  4. Talk to Queen Marina. Event, Green Orb obtained.
  5. Zoom to The Warrior's Rest Inn
  6. Go to Zwaardsrust castle ruins and down near (east) stairway.
  7. TREASURE: Purple Orb, "Classy Clobber for Kingly Kids", Enchanted Stone (from locked room)
  8. ZOOM: Hotto Steppe
  9. Walk Northwest to cape, red magic door
  10. TREASURE: get banishing blade from locked chest
  11. Zoom to the Strand
  12. Sail north to Snifleheim, expect 1-2 encounters, flee
  13. Camp at the fire on the west side of town
  14. Shopping
    1. Sell Rab's Iron Claws
    2. Sell Rab's Thief's Turban
    3. Sell Hero's Pointy Hat
    4. Sell Jade's Iron Claws
    5. Sell Item bag's Drasilian Soverign
    6. Buy Fur Hood on Rab
    7. Buy Magic Vestment for bag
  15. Forge Prince's Pea Coat (complete immediately) (4000g)
  16. EQUIP:
    1. Hero Offensive
    2. Rab - Offensive
  17. Enter town from NW door
  18. Talk to Queen Frysabel by campfire
  19. Zoom to Sniflheim City - Camp
  20. Ride to the Hekswood NE.
  21. Proceed to end of forest N
  22. Proceed into snowstorm


  • Info
    • 820 HP
    • Single action per turn but beware double attacks due to agility rolls.
    • Action sequence: attack or snowball, attack or snowball or kick, jolly jig
      • Snowball: ice attack (fairly weak)
  • Actions
    • Hero: Cutting Edge / Panacea / Miedheal / defend

The Library

  1. Examine door, then go to southern campsite in the area to get the zoom point.
  2. Go to the Royal Library.
  3. Grab the chest in the NE compartment for 4k gold
  4. 1F: hit N switch (cross middle), hit SE switch, go up SE stairs.
  5. 2F: hit N switch, go up center stairs.
  6. 3F: go up SE stairs.
  7. 4F: hit center switch
  8. Grab the Mercury's Bandana (treasure chest on north side of 4F)
  9. 4F: go down NW stairs.
  10. 3F: hit N switch, go down center stairs.
  11. 2F: circle around west and go up NE stairs.
  12. 3F: go to center room. Event.
  13. Equip offensive on Sylvando
  • Equip offensive on Erik
  1. Zoom to Sniflheim City - Campsite (right 1 up 3)
  2. Sleep if you need MP
  3. Talk to Queen Frysabel


  • Info
    • 1800 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • 1: snowman (turn loss on 1 party member) + Crackle
      • 2: attack + chilly breath
      • 3: snowman + snowstorm (evade up + ice damage up)
      • 4: Crackle + attack
      • 5: chilly breath + attack
    • Line up: Veronica, Rab, Sylvando, Jade
  • Actions
    • Veronica: Sap, then swap out for Serena
    • Rab: Right as Rain / Sap / Heal / M-pathy
    • Sylvando: Oomph Jade / Hustle Dance / Oomph Hero
    • Jade: Multithrust
    • Serena: Hymn of Ice, swap out for Hero
    • Hero: Cutting Edge / heal

The Tree

  1. Go talk to Queen Fysabel in the castle (after the initial event)
  2. Leave Sniflheim (Zoom is blocked)
  3. Zoom to Snaerfelt campside (right 1 up 2)
  4. Hero needs to be level 21+. If you're close to 21, you might try to get it at the eggoskeleton fight so you don't need to grind extra, then rectify at the statue after Arboria
  5. Rectify Hero's Greatswords (540g)
  6. Character Builder
    1. Hero Swords: ATK + 3, Dragon Slash, ATK + 6, Crit + 3 (in swordmastery),
    2. Rectify Swords (540g), then learn Gigaslash
  7. Equip Cobblestone Sword on Hero
  8. Give Devil's Tail to Hero from Sylvando
  9. Give Rab's Cane to Hero from Rab
  10. Equip Prince's Pea Coat on Erik and Mercury Bandana
  11. Equip new helmet on Sylvando
    1. Need more panaceas on hero/bag from others
  12. Transfer 3 Magic Waters to Hero
  13. Ride to and go through the Arborian Highlands (1 glowing egg battle).
  14. Enter Arboria
  15. Advance to the plaza
  16. Talk to Benedictus at the cathedral
  17. Go through the cathedral, the Arborian Highlands, and the First Forest (grab the Ethereal stone through the first cave on your left)
  18. Approach the peak campsite. Event.
  19. Go to the orb platform
  20. Collect Yggdrasil Dew (in front of the ladder), Phial of Lunaria (on the path before leaf), and Yggdrasil Leaf (after turning back at branch before final room)
  21. Approach the Sword of Light. Event.
  22. Attack Jasper to lose
  23. Close the save prompt ("No" then "Yes")

Act 2



  1. Talk to northeast guy near the water
  2. Back to the south of town , in front of shop and initiate encounter (Defend)
  3. Back to northeast guy near the water
  4. Leave Gondolia and head for Galapolis
  5. Talk to drummer in front of church, then northwest horse
  6. Talk to Juggler across tent
  7. Go inside circus tent, talk to center guy to trigger scene
  8. Head for hotto (For fight defend or heal)


  1. Head to Octogonia Casino top floor
  2. Head to last prison cell
  3. Talk to armored night and accept the fights (Spam Multi-thrust)


  1. Character Builder: Learn Victimiser
  2. SE path, grab key (center chest in the back)
  3. Back track and go through north path with key
  4. Take Left Path on the fork and follow the path till story fights (Cobra+Victim+defend for heals)
  5. Grab agility Ring and equip it
  6. Follow Path to Indignus
  7. For the fight be sure to defend till fight is over


  1. Head to throne room, talk to exclamation point, then sit on throne (Skip cutscene)
  2. Head outside throne talk to King
  3. Head down stairs to 2nd floor and talk to king
  4. Chase Bunny Girl
  5. Talk to hero multiple times, then talk to bunny girl
  6. Talk to Pang and wipe

Fish Hero

  1. Leave House
  2. Optional: Can get Zombies bane here if low on money
  3. Enter window of queen's palace
  4. Enter queen's chamber and check the pearl
  5. exit palace through window and descend down
  6. check the dangling fish bait (may move)

New and Old Friends

Home and Hendrik

  1. Leave the hut and head to shore
  2. Head north to the campsite, check the fire
  3. Grab a horse (hailer inactive until Sylvando rejoins) and head west toward the front entrance to cobblestone (southern path)
  4. Enter town and head to weapon/armor shop
    1. Buy: Magic Shield for Bag
  5. Get wristorative in the chest behind magic key door
  6. Equip defensive on Hero with devil's tail and wristorative
  7. Move all of Hero's items to bag
  8. Move 9 Panaceas from bag to Hero
  9. Move Rab's Cane from bag to Hero
  10. Set Hero to Show no mercy
  11. Head to back of town to see mom
  12. Head back into main town and talk to soldier in front of king's tent
  13. Enter tent
  14. Head to town entrance
  15. Leave town, get sage's elixer from left barrel, perfect panacea from right barrel, then transfer both to Hero
  16. Pass through gate
  17. Head to Hendrik

Headless Honcho

  • Info
    • Headless Honcho: 690 HP, Skelegon 243 HP
    • 3 enemies go down in 2 turns, Skelegon in 3, boss in 4-6.
  • Spam Gigaslash


  1. Walk back to town and approach the king
  2. Leave town and approach Hendrik
  3. Go to the Secret Sewer Entrance
  4. Enter second room for sage's elixer
  5. turn right after the bridge, right onto next bridge
  6. pass last bridge (open map to skip last guard), through door
  7. grab elixer, and head up stairs
  8. Enter southern room, get iron headgear in NE chest, then gold in SW chest
  9. head all the way west and go up the stairs
  10. Take SE door
  11. head west into courtyard and examine the root
  12. Zoom to Heliodor castle
  13. head through dining hall, through kitchen, grab 3 medicines from first barrel
  14. Check western shelf, then craft a king's coat (5000g)
  15. Equip defensive on Hero
  16. Head through and fight Tyriant in throne room


  • Info
    • Tyriant 2000HP, Shadow 280 HP
    • 2 actions on odd turns, 1 action on even turns.
      • Sword Stance, crash down, attack, swipe, Zammle,
      • spawn shadow, crash down, attack, swipe, Zammle
    • Set Hero back to follow orders
    • Keep HP high during first turns to draw Kabuff from Hendrik.
    • Beware pep combo on turn 11 (second shadow spawn) or later.
    • Safest to heal if needed on turn 9 (attack + swipe) and defend until combo.
  • Actions
    • Hero: Gigaslash / heal / Sage's Elixir

Hendrik Joins

  1. Zoom to Last Bastion
  2. Go to south of town
  3. Go to king's tent and talk to king
  4. Zoom to Heliodorian Foothills - church
  5. Character Builder
    1. Hendril Shields: Blockenspiel
    2. Hendrik Heroism: Blind Man's Biff, Strength +20
    3. Greatswords: Cutting Edge, +4% Parry, ATK + 20
  6. Uncover new spot (won't have enough to learn unbridled blade yet)
  7. Transfer Yggdrasil leaf from bag to Hendrik
  8. Transfer Yggdrasil dew from bag to Hendrik

Rab and Sylvando

  1. Head through manglewoods to Costa Valor
  2. Head south to camp and check for the zoom point
  3. Grab a horse and go back north
  4. Head up path into cave
  5. Fight glowing rider - Gigaslash with hero, leave Hendrik on show no mercy
  6. Fly through the rest of the cave
  7. Run to Angri-La


  1. Enter the door on the top level
  2. Proceed to the training area
  3. Talk to the High Lama
  4. Go down the stairs and examine the door back to the town
  5. ZOOM: Angri-La (up 3)
  6. Leave town and enter the cave to the mountain summit.
  7. Fight the glowing Dragon Rider.
  8. Reach the summit. Short event.
  9. Get Rab's clothes from the chest
  10. Examine Rab,
  11. Talk to the High Lama. Yes.
  12. Go through event sequence to fight Rab


  • Info
    • Rab 500 HP, Shadows 85 HP
    • If Kasap hits, you may need extra healing to survive turn 7 (double attack).
    • HP safety line is ~75 with 1 Kasap.
  • Actions
    • Turn 1: Special Medicine (heal from Pearly Gates)
    • Turn 2: Rab's Cane
    • Turn 3: Quadraslash on Rab (16 damage)
    • Turn 4: Quadraslash on first shadow
    • Turn 5: Quadraslash on first shadow
    • Turn 6: Quadraslash on second shadow
    • Turn 7 and later: Quadraslash on Rab for win (He'll resummon shadows here, so you have a free action)

Phnom Nonh

  1. Go down the stairs and examine the door back to the town.
  2. Zoom to Costa Valor (down 4)
  3. Rectify Hendrik's swords, shields, and axes
  4. Grab a horse and ride west, hop off at camp stairs, and run south to big bridge
  5. Equipment
    1. Hero – Defensive, Drasilian Helm
    2. Hendrik - Dragon Scale, Strength Ring
    3. Rab – Offensive
    4. Hendrik - Offensive
    5. Change Hero's outfit so he doesn't move miserably slow
  6. Rab Builder
    1. Claws: ATK + 5, Propeller Blade, Dodge +2, ATK + 15
    2. Enlightenment: Agility + 20, Agility + 20
    3. Learn for Bonus [DO ALL AT ONCE]
  7. Hendrik Builder
    1. Heroism: Double Up
    2. Greatswords: Unbridled Blade
  8. Run to Phnom Nonh
  9. Weapon Shop: Demon's Bane on Hendrik
  10. Head into home next to church for SCENE
  11. Zoom to Phnom Nonh (up 4) and leave town
  12. Head south to cave


  • Info
    • 2200 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • Kasizz
      • Kabuff
      • Kasnooze (skipped if any party member has Bounce up)
      • attack
      • Fizzle (skipped if all party members are silenced)
      • Anathematise
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%
    • Make sure to get Rab's Bounce up before the second Kasnooze.
    • If silence clears before first Fizzle, use Bounce on Rab immediately.
    • Should go down in 4-5 hits of Unbridled Blade even without Sap.
    • Quadraslash or Pearly Gates (~100 damage each) can help push him over.
    • Set tactics to follow orders
  • Actions
    • Hero: Gigaslash / Perfect Panacea to wake people up / heal
    • Hendrik: Double up / Unbridled Blade
    • Rab: {early Gates / Sap / Bounce / Heal

Wrapping up in the Interior

Sylvando rejoins

  1. Zoom to Phnom Nonh ( up 4)
  2. Approach Sylvando (near the church)
  3. Approach Sylvando (up the stairs to the ruins)
  4. Leave Phnom Nonh (Zoom is blocked)
  5. Zoom to Costa Valor campsite (down 4)
  6. Enter Puerto Valor (through cave to the east)
  7. Enter Don Rodrigo's room
  8. Approach Sylvando (on the shore)
  9. Enter Don Rodrigo's room.
  10. Leave Don Rodrigo's mansion
  11. Equip offensive on Sylvando
  12. Equip Devils Tail on Sylvando
  13. SKILL: Sylvando:
    1. Litheness (↑3) – Tap Dance, Deftness +20, Charm +30, Agility + 20
    2. Confirm
    3. Showmanship - Gold Rush
    4. Confirm
  14. Ride to the ship.
  15. Sail out to open sea. Kill enemies with Pearly Gates / Gold Rush

Back to Dundrasil

  1. Disembark at strand, zoom to emerald coast (down 3) and hop in ship
  2. Sail to Zwaardsrust.
  3. LINE-UP: Hero, Rab, Sylvando, Hendrik
  4. Expect 2-3 encounters, gold rush everyone
  5. Talk to the character on top of the house.
  6. Examine the fishing rod. SELECT: Yes
  7. Talk to the woman in the house
  8. Go to the Warrior's Rest Inn.
    1. BUY 1 perfect panacea for hero and 2 for Rab
  10. Sleep at the inn
  11. Jump out western side of 2nd floor
  12. Ride to the Dundrasil region west through the ruins (take the south road).
  13. Get the zoom point from the camp site
  14. Go to the Dundrasil castle ruins (through the well tunnel)
  15. Go to the castle basement -- pick up 4 sage elixers from chest after battle area entrance.
  16. Transfer 1 to Erik, 1 to Rab, 1 to Sylvando, 1 to Hendrik

Restless Knight

  • Info
    • 2400 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • Big Banga or power of darkness
      • ball of malice or intimidating scream
      • attack
      • Kasnooze (action skipped if any party member has Bounce) or prepare
    • Power of darkness: 60-80? darkness damage to all party members
    • Ball of malice: curse + max HP down on one party member
    • Intimidating scream: chance of curse on all party members
  • Actions
    • Hero: Gigaslash (Swap in Erik after 1 action)
    • Rab: Sap / Multiheal / Bounce Erik, Pearly Gates
    • Sylvando: Gold Rush
    • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade
    • Erik: BoulderBringer, defend

Irwin's Story

  1. Talk to the Restless Knight. SELECT: Yes
  2. Leave the room and approach Irwin
  3. Go to the royal bedroom (3F, into throne room and left)
  4. Go to the conference room
  5. Leave the conference room
  6. Go to the throne room
  7. Jump down the stairs to 1F
  8. Go to the storage room (right side of the 1F hall)
  9. Enter the room at the end of the underground passage
  10. Examine any of the enemies to battle

Barbatos and Moosifers

  • Info
    • Barbatos 860 HP, Moosifer 296 HP
  • Actions
    • Hero: Quadraslash, heal or use Sage's Elixir as needed

The last of Irwin's Story

  1. Go to Irwin in the intermediate room
  2. Approach Gloomnivore (no need to heal)


  • Info
    • 2750 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • Action sequence: nightmarish sigh, Double Up or Kazam, attack (sleep chance)
    • Nightmarish sigh weakens magic, but doesn't affect Hustle Dance.
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Dazzle 56.25%, Kasnooze 56.25%
    • Line-up Swap in Hero for Erik
  • Actions
    • Hero: Snooze (swap in Erik after first action)
    • Rab: Sap / Kasnooze / Multiheal
    • Sylvando: Gold Rush / Hustle Dance
    • Hendrik: Double Up, then Unbridled Blade
    • Erik: BoulderBringer


  1. Zoom to Dundrasil (down 6)
  2. Head to Octagonia
  3. Rest until noon at the inn if needed.
  4. Enter the casino and get free coins at the coin counter.
  5. Use a 100-coin (red) slot machine and bet 600 2-3 times to win 10k+ coins.
  6. Exchange 10k coins for Love Potion x1 (to anyone or bag).
  7. Talk to the drackmage twice and proceed up the stairs

Jinxed Jade

  • Info
    • 1800 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • (1) swipe or Femme Fatale + attack or Puff-Puff
      • (2) Hip Drop or Sexy Beam + attack or Puff-Puff
      • swipe: attack on all characters
      • Femme Fatale: attack on all characters
      • Puff-Puff: turn loss on 1 character
      • Hip Drop: attack on one character
      • Sexy Beam: attack + charm on one character
    • Should win with 3x Unbridled Blade if Sap hits.
    • BEWARE charmed Sylvando doing Gold Rush in the next two battles!
    • Cure Sylvando as soon as he gets charmed.
  • Actions
    • Erik: defend / Boulderbringer
    • Sylvando: Hustle Dance or Sobering Slap or Gold Rush
    • Rab: Sap or Multiheal
    • Hendrik: Double Up, then Unbridled Blade


  • Info
    • 3200 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • (1) third eye or seductive dance
      • (2) attack or Kafrizz
      • (3) Giga Drain Magic or cyclone
      • Third eye: charm on one character
      • Seductive dance: turn loss on all characters (strong effect)
      • Giga Drain Magic: MP steal on all characters (strong effect)
      • Cyclone: wind attack on all characters
    • Line up : Hero Hendrik Sylvando Rab
  • Actions
    • Hero: defend, heal, or Sage's Elixir
    • Hendrik: Double Up, then Unbridled Blade
    • Sylvando: Hustle Dance or Sobering Slap or Gold Rush
    • Rab: Sap or Multiheal or M-Pathy

Shopping and Skills

  1. Jade rejoins, Lorelei's Harp obtained.
  2. Weapon shop
    1. Sell
      1. Hendrik's Cavalier Cleaver
      2. Hendrik's Demonsbane
      3. Hero's Wristorative
    2. Buy
      1. Dragonsbane for Erik
      2. Wyrmfang for Hendrik
      3. Storm Spear on Jade
  3. SKILL: Jade:
    1. Spears: ATK + 30, Crushed Ice, Crit + 4,
    2. Fisticuffs: STR + 10, Agility + 30

The Open Ocean, again

Erik's backstory

  1. Zoom to the Stand (up 2)
  2. Sail to the whirlpool in the sea north of Sniflheim
  3. Expect 2-3 encounters along the way. Gold rush everything. Run from Tentacular, use leaf if needed to revive


  • Info
    • 4800 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • Action sequence: fireball, rock boat, attack, Deceleratle, fireball, Maelstrom
      • Acts randomly after Maelstrom, or may choose to restart the sequence.
      • Random actions include crimson mist, which increases damage to the party by ~50%.
    • Line up: Jade, Rab, Sylvando, Hendrik
    • Set Jade to show no mercy
  • Actions
    • Jade: Multithrust
    • Rab: Sap, etc.
    • Sylvando: Oomphle (Jade, Hendrik), then Gold Rush
    • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade
  • Learn Gigagash if hero up to 30 post battle


  1. Enter the whirlpool and go to Sniflheim
  2. Party heal
  3. Go to the castle and talk to Queen Frysabel
  4. Leave the castle
  5. Go to the back of the church (west of main entrance)
  6. Go to the outcrop outside Sniflheim (near the campsite) and talk to Erik
    1. NOTE: no need for campsite Zoom point (Zoom is blocked when it would useful below)
  7. Walk back to entrance and enter Sniflheim


  • Info
    • Gyldenbritches: 960 HP Gyldenaut 468 HP
    • Line up: swap Hero in for Hendrik
  • Actions
    • Jade: Multithrust (Gyldenbritches)
    • Rab: Zammle / pearly gates (Gyldenbritches)
    • Sylvando: Gold Rush
    • Hero: Gigagash

The hideout

  1. Go to the outcrop (Zoom is blocked) and talk to the priest
  2. Zoom to Sniflheim City (right 1 down 1)
  3. Go to the Viking Hideout.
  4. Examine the goddess statue to recover HP/MP.
  5. Approach the door
  6. Examine the door. SELECT: Yes
  7. Same fight as before here
  8. Go through the cave, outside, and into the room beyond.
  9. Examine the tree root 3 times, then talk to Erik and have him rejoin
  10. Approach the Gyldenhall
  11. Go through the castle.
    1. 1F: go to center room, up left stairs
    2. 2F: turn right, go through door and down stairs
    3. 1F: go around to north center of floor, go up stairs on right
    4. 2F: follow right wall, go down nearby stairs
    5. 1F: walk down east side of floor, go up stairs in SE room
    6. 2F: follow path, go up stairs
    7. 3F: follow right wall, go up stairs; be careful of pitfall in final room (hug wall)
  12. TREASURE: Sage's Elixir x4 (treasure chest in front of boss door)
  13. FULL HEAL, MP if needed too
  14. Examine the boss door


  • Info
    • 3600 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • attack + slice and dice (4 attacks with 50% damage)
      • Kaching Kaclang (Kaclang effect on two party members) + Oomphle
      • Rake'n'Break + call for help
      • Acceleratle + attack
      • slice and dice + prepare
      • attack + Rake'n'Break
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Blunt 75%, poison 50%
    • Can swap Rab out for hero for some gigagashes if desired after a couple turns
    • LINE-UP: swap Hendrik in for Hero
  • Actions
    • Jade: Multithrust
    • Rab: Sap / Multiheal
    • Sylvando: Oomphle Hendrik / Oomphle Jade / Gold Rush / Hustle Dance
    • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade

A Flying Whale

Get Erik ready to go

  1. Talk to Erik. SELECT: Yes
  2. Equip offensive on Erik, then Strength Ring + Dragon Scale
  3. Erik Character Builder
    1. Swords: Flame Slash, Crit +2, Sword Stance, ATK + 35, Fatal Flash
    2. Guile: Half Inch, Deftness +10, Dodge +2, Agility +10, Agility +30,
    3. Unlock new Guile tile, learn Divide
  4. FULL HEAL (MP too if needed)
  5. Go to Snaerfelt and toward the Arborian Highlands.

Auroral Serpent

  • Info
    • 4900 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
    • Action sequence: burning breath or shout, black breath or crash down, Kazam or attack
    • Line up: Sylvando, Rab, Hendrik, Erik
    • Swap Erik out for Jade after he has divided and been Oomphled, then back in after attack / asleep (so he doesn't lose divide)
  • Actions
    • Sylvando: Oomphle (Erik, Hendrick), Gold Rush
    • Rab: Kasnooze, Sap, Multiheal, Pearly Gates
    • Hendrik: Double Up, Unbridled Blade
    • Erik: Divide, Fatal Flash


  1. Ride to next area, and fight shiny egg
  2. Continue to Arboria
  3. Go to the Grove of Repose (NW)
  4. Go to the chapel
  5. Sleep at the inn (free)
  6. Go to Serena outside the inn
  7. Go back to the inn and sleep again (still free).
  8. Talk to Serena at the inn entrance.
  9. Go to Luminary's Landing

Havens Above

  1. Go to Havens Above
  2. Go straight ahead to the door and examine it
  3. Open the door and examine the Guiding Light
  4. Examine the three sprouts
  5. Leave the room

Forge the Sword


  1. Zoom to Gallopolis (down 5)
  2. Go to throne room
  3. Zoom to Gallopolis (down 5)
  4. Ride to the desert ruins.
  5. Talk to Faris at the ruins
  6. Examine the dark sprite
  7. Zoom to Gallopolis (down 5)
  8. Talk to the sultan (note: must not be night -- otherwise use inn, 56G)
  9. Talk to the sultan again. Event, Forging Hammer obtained.
  10. Defensive on Serena
  11. Use the Calamus Flute and go to the Battleground.


  1. Examine the pillar
  2. Drop down to B4, go through the hole, crawl down to B9, and walk up to B6.
  3. Go down the Orichalcum passage (at the B7/B6 boundary, has a tablet at the entrance).
  4. Approach the Orichalcum
  5. Zoom to Hotto (down 4)


  1. Go to Miko's Shrine
  2. Zoom to Hotto (down 4)
  3. Go to Mount Huji with horse
  4. Go to the secret hideout
  5. Follow the Mount Huji back road to its end
  6. Zoom to Hotto (down 4)
  7. Go to Miko's Shrine
  8. Leave Miko's Shrine
  9. Run down stairs to entrance
  10. Approach the dragon. SELECT: Yes

Tatsunaga 1

  • Info
    • 2400 HP
    • 2 random actions every turn.
      • Actions: attack, critical hit, war cry, fireballs
      • War cry: damage + turn loss to all characters
      • Fireballs: 55-85 fire damage x3 to one character
  • Actions
    • Sylvando: Oomphle Hendrik
    • Jade: (No mercy)
    • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade
    • Erik: Divide -> Fatal Flash

Mount Huji

  1. Serena Skills
    1. Vim: Wizard Ward, Magical Might +10, Spooky Aura, Max MP + 10, Ice + Wind resist + 20, Fire + Earth resist +20
  2. Go to the back of Miko's Shrine
  3. Zoom to Hotto (down 4)
  4. Go to Mount Huji and approach the door
  5. Go to the end of the dungeon
  6. Approach dragon

Tatsunaga 2

  • Info
    • 4800 HP
    • 3 random actions every turn.
      • Actions: attack, critical hit, war cry, claw, fireballs
      • - Claw: attack + defense down x2 to one character
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Blunt 75%, poison 50%, Kasnooze 18.75%, Dazzle 37.5%
    • Line up: Serena, Sylvando, Jade, Erik
  • Actions
    • Serena: Multiheal
    • Sylvando: Oomphle Jade, Oomhple Erik, Hustle Dance
    • Jade: Crushed Ice
    • Erik: Divide -> Fatal Flash

Prep for the Final push

  1. Talk to the woman in the back of Miko's Shrine to get the Crucible Key
  2. Zoom to Hotto (down 4)
  3. Go to Mount Huji, enter the Crucible, and proceed down the path.
  4. Examine the end of the path
  5. Examine the platform. SELECT: Yes
  6. Fully heal, restore Serena's and Jade's MP if needed
  7. Use the Calamus Flute and approach the Fortress of Fear
  8. Approach the door

The Fortress of Fear


  • Info
    • 3600 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • series of slashes + attack
      • Falcon Slash + Kacrack
      • Inferno Slash + swift stab
      • attack + Gigathrow
      • Inferno Slash + freezing wave
    • Series of slashes: 7 attacks at 75%? normal damage on random characters
    • Swift stab: strong attack + turn loss on one character
    • Gigathrow: strong attack + paralysis on two characters
    • Debuffs: Sap 75%, Blunt 75%, Dazzle 37.5%, sleep 0% (except Hero/Rab pep)
    • Line up: Rab, Sylvando, Serena, Erik
  • Actions
    • Rab: Blunt, swap in Hendrik
    • Sylvando: Oomphle Erik, Hendrik, Gold Rush
    • Serena: Blunt, Oomphle
    • Erik: Divide, Fatal Flash
    • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade

Through the Fortress

  1. Erik Skills
    1. Erik Knives: ATK + 5, Sleeper Hit, Persecutter, Dual Wielding
  2. Can heal at statue if needed
  3. 1F: forward to center room, door on right, forward to switch, back to center room, opposite door, right to 2F
    1. (Pick up liquid metal armor under stairs)
  4. 2F: left to center room, forward to outside (2F-A)
  5. 2F-A: up stairs and across bridge to warp (2F-B)
  6. 2F-B: ride glowing egg to 3F door
    1. (battle, swap hero in for Serena, gigagash + gold rush + pearly gates)
  7. 3F: right and left to center room, forward, right and right over barriers to outside (3F-A)
  8. 3F-A: right to warp (3F-B)
  9. Quick heal
  10. 3F-B: up stairs, jump down from 2nd landing, forward to warp (3F-C)
  11. 3F-C: climb cliffs and stairs to warp (3F-D)
  12. 3F-D: fight glowing skeleton car, climb walls and forward to 4F door (watch out for dragon)
    1. (skeleton fight is gigaslash + gold rush)
  13. 4F: forward to center room (sneak through left mace at 3 pack)
  14. forward, take left and right warps to trigger blocks
    1. TREASURE: Stardust sword (treasure chest east warp on 4F)
    2. TREASURE: Poker (treasure chest outside west warp on 4F)
  15. Equip defensive on Serena, defensive on Erik, defensive on Jade
  16. 4F continued: forward to blocks, left, hit switch, back to blocks, left to exit door
    1. (bob at the right side of dragon till it shifts, then sneak through. Then return on right side, timing tail)
  17. Get elixers, heal mp as needed

Jasper Unbound

  • Info
    • Jasper 3600 HP, Balhib 566 HP
    • 2 actions every turn.
      • (1) lance of pure darkness or Silver Spark
      • (2) eye flash or call for help
      • (3) pitch-black flames or flurry of blows
      • (4) attack or laugh
      • (5) crash down or critical hit
      • (6) attack or freezing wave
    • Lance of pure darkness: strong attack on all characters
    • Silver Spark: 130-165? damage on all characters
    • Eye flash: Dazzle on one character
    • Pitch-black flames: 120-140? fire damage on all characters
    • Flurry of blows: 6 attacks at 75%? normal damage on random characters
    • Crash down: strong attack + turn loss on one character
    • If "call for help" is chosen when a Balhib is already present, the AI skips to the next action.
    • Debuffs: Sap 56.25%, Blunt 56.25%, poison 50%
    • Can swap Jade in for Serena if things are going well
    • Line up: Serena, Sylvando, Rab, Erik
  • Actions
    • Serena: Multiheal / sap / kaswoosh
    • Sylvando: Oomphle Erik / Jade, Gold Rush, Hustle Dance
    • Rab: Multiheal / Moreheal
    • Erik: Divide -> Fatal Flash (Just fatal flashes afterward without divide)

Lord of Shadows

  • Info
    • Lord of Shadows 6000 HP, Shadows 850ish HP
    • 2 actions on odd turns, 1 action on even turns.
      • A Cut Above or Silver Spark
      • attack or freezing wave
      • spawn shadow (skipped if shadow is already present)
      • power of darkness
      • Giga Drain Magic
      • Blade of Ultimate Power
      • Kazam
      • A Cut Above or Silver Spark
      • attack or freezing wave
      • Kaching Kaclang
      • darkness explosion (100+ damage to 2 party members)
      • crimson mist
      • icy blade (110+ ice damage to 1 party member)
      • Kafrizz
    • Debuffs: Sap 37.5%, Blunt 37.5%, poison 37.5%, Dazzle 37.5%
    • Line up: Rab, Syvando, Serena, Erik
  • Actions
    • Turn 1
      • Rab: Sap
      • Sylvando: Oomphle Erik – ( LINE-UP – Swap in Jade for Erik in case of freezing wave)
      • Serena: Kabuff / multiheal (depending on turn order)
      • Erik: Divide
    • Turn 2
      • Rab: Sap or heal if sap hit (LINE-UP: Swap in Erik for Rab and swap Hendrik and Rab)
      • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade
      • Sylvando: Oomphle (Hendrik)
      • Serena: Heal
    • Turn 3 and on
      • Erik: Divide -> Fatal Flash
      • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade (shadows if present)
      • Sylvando: Gold Rush or Hustle Dance
      • Serena: heal / kaswoosh shadow


  • Info
    • 5500 HP, changes forms after 1500 damage
    • 2 actions on odd turns.
      • blazing fire or laugh
      • Kafrizz or attack
      • blazing fire
      • eerie glow
      • Kafrizz
      • sweet breath
      • Kafrizz or attack
      • blazing fire
      • freezing wav
    • Line up: Jade, Rab, Serena, Sylvando
    • Swap Erik in For Jade and move him to the right after 2nd form goes down
  • Actions
    • Turn 1 – (Immediately after Rab or Serena goes – Swap in Hendrik for whomever went)
      • Jade: (No mercy)
      • Rab: Sap or heal if sap hit
      • Serena: Sap or heal if Sap hit
      • Sylvando: Oomphle Jade
    • Turn 2
      • Hendrik: Unbridled Blade
      • Rab/Serena: Heal (LINE-UP: Swap in Serena for Rab)
      • Erik: Divide -> Fatal Flash
      • Sylvando: Oomphle Erik / Hendrik / Hustle Dance