Earthbound All Photos Route

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  • Throw away hamburger. Get Photo in front of the Bike shop (#1). Withdraw 510 from the Dept store and save. Fill up on skip sandwiches and clip to Threed. Buy banana in burglin park.

  • Grab the trash can skip sandwich. Get photo in Threed graveyard (#2). Check the Zombies and get captured.

  • Normal progression through Boarding school grabbing the Holmes hat and pop gun. Grab bubble monkey and head south. Get the photo in front of the Tessie tent (#3). Fight protoplasm and get photo in front of sign to the north of the duck (#4). Continue through pond cave. You can skip the bottle rocket here. Get the photo underneath the stonehenge hole (#5). Talk to Andonuts and save to start manipulation for the stairs glitch

[Save underneath, left, up-left to Andonuts and talk] Left and up-left into Sky Runner. Walk up-right and right into door. Menu to Jeff, then two cursor movements to Bad Key Machine. ABx5 underneath ladder. Walk left and face right so you're underneath the left side of the headpiece. No mashing. Jeff dies. Three B's, then defend and defend. Next round, defend and defend (Paula dies). Bx9, Defend. Defend. Run away. Walk right, and enter left side of ladder. Down, then turn left at first bass beat.]

  • Fight Zobmies in Threed and execute the stairs glitch to get to Summers. Use banana to stay alive. Get three photos and save in Summers. Copy file to 2. Load 1, let yourself die, save again, and reset. Load 2 to start OOB on file 1. Walk OOB to Dalaam [Up from phone, up-right at summers music], grab the lifenoodles and brain food lunch, talk to master, and begin meditation. Walk back, talk to master, and get Poo.

  • Get Photo in restaurant in front of the left window (#6). Get Photo in front of hotel to the left (#7). Get photo on beach south of museum underneath 7 man (#8). Get photo on Toto docks right of sailor (#9). Save and reset to manipulate the Kraken fight using mirror with flash beta.

[Right and out to leave. Down, right, down. Cat should move down. Round 1: Bx1, defend and mirror. Lightning hits for 103 on Poo. Bx6, use Ness's PSI rockin 7 times, back out, then right to defend.]

  • Withdraw everything from hotel. Sleep. Revive Paula and Jeff. Buy crystal charm for Paula and Jeff. Get photo left of crystal charm salesman (#10). Get photo in front of pyramid (#11). Fight and kill 2 or 3 caterpillars. Kill with freezes. Teleport beta to Onett. Save in Onett Drug store. Use file 2 to clip OOB to desert shack [Down-right, then down at right edge of drug store], re-enter and sleep. Talk to Geraldo and give bread roll. Head north to coast and go west. Sesame seed is SW of present. Talk and get photo (#12). Grab the Big bottle rocket and head to fourside. Grab the photo on the bridge on the way (#13). Enter theater and talk to owner.

  • Do mole cave. Exit mouse out. You don't need any items in here. Get Mole cave photo (#15). Consider sleeping here. Talk to Geraldo and head to Fourside. Give the Diamond up at the theater and watch the show. Go to Dept. store, withdraw everything, 8 BBR's. No super bombs. Save and clip OOB to Spook. Kill with rockin, freeze beta, and BBR. Get photo above toy rack underneath store (#16). Teleport to Onett to get an exit mouse. Teleport to Twoson.

  • Give Apple kid the bottle of water. Head to Pencil. Sprouts will still attack you. Spot the pencil, and teleport back to Twoson once you're in Twoson to cut some travel time. Walk down to apple kid (AVOID EVERDRED. Or don't. Everdred strats don't fail) and grab pencil eraser. Go back to valley, erase pencil, and get photo to the north (#17). Note that erasing the pencil is required for this photo. Head to Happy Happy. Cliff skip to Paula. Cultist fight: Rockin beta and thunder. Kill Carpainter quickly so he doesn't lightning your party to death. Rescue Paula and get the photo outside the jail (#18).

  • Save in Happy Happy drugstore. Clip OOB using save file 2 to sewer [Left to PRV, down-left to Summers, left to cave, down-left to sewer. If you hear fourside, you went to far]. Enter magnet hill area, then come back in to kill Plague Rat. Use strongest attacks and BBR's. Exit mouse out. Teleport to Fourside.

  • Get photo outside museum (#19). Get photo inside museum (#20). Get Monototoli Picture (#21). Save in Monotoli building. Reset. Use file 2 to Clip OOB [Left until pyramid or fire spring, then down a tad and load area. Underneath fire spring room, load again. Go down a bit to cause the hawk eye to appear]. Go to Hawk eye room, get it, and continue OOB down to dungeon man. Talk to dungeon man and drop out. Get photo to north of oasis on west side of south scaraba desert (#21). Get dungeon man trapped, go back and get MBR's (Leave >6k left). and teleport to Fourside.

  • Save in Dept. store. Clip OOB using file 2 to Deep Darkness [down-left till Deep Darkness, walk left for a few seconds and load the area]. Enter Tenda and leave to get phone call. Use the hawk eye and go kill puke. Give all bottle rockets as necessary back to Jeff. Go over to bird and get a photo (#22). Possibly faster to start from beginning by teleporting to DD? Teleport back to Twoson.

  • Save in Dept store. Clip OOB to Dalaam [Down from underneath bottom escalator till Dalaam music] and get photo in front of Palace (#23). Enter palace and get photo in throne room (#24). Full heal if necessary from throne room dude. Save and clip OOB to Starman base [Straight up from throne, load area when you hear the stonehenge music for the second time]. Grab exit mouse and go kill Starman deluxe. Paula use shield sigma, bottle rockets to kill. 4 should be enough (hopefully). Talk to Andonuts and exit out to Tenda. Teleport to Onett.

  • Withdraw everything from the hotel and go buy the shack. Get photo in front of couch (#25). teleport back to Onett and get the book of shyness. Teleport to Tenda village, give the shyness book and get photo (#26). Get dragonite and give to Ness. Teleport to Twoson.

  • Get the backstage pass and get the photo in front of the theater (#27). Clip through cliffs to Threed. Kill Boogey tent. Grab the fly honey. Get Mach pizza call, drop it in the tent, and sleep to clear the zombies. Save in the hotel. Use file 2 to clip OOB. [Go straight up from phone until you hit Lumine hall]. Go around trigger and fall down hole. Get brain food lunch. Get horn of life. Get Sea pendant. Teleport to Twoson.

  • Save in Dept store and clip OOB using file 2 [down-right, right at hotel music. This is a short walk]. Re-enter store and buy earth pendant for Ness and magic puddings as possible backup. Sea pendant on

Paula. Dragonites and thunder to remove shield. Shield sigma to stay safe. psychic moves till the kill. Possible super bombs here as a backup?

  • Enter Phase distorter. Leave and re-enter Saturn valley to get that as a teleport spot. head up to waterfall and get photo (#28). Teleport to Onett and get meteorite piece. Teleport back to Saturn Valley. Clip through back and kill belch using fly honey. Going down-right into right cliff seems to work best. Kill belch. Get Saturn Valley photo to the right of the pond (#29). Become robots and go kill Giygas clipping OOB to do so.

  • Get photo in peaceful Threed by taking the bus from Twoson (#30). Get photo in front of Ness's house (#31). Get Credit's photo (#32 and done).