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This route was created by AndyPerfect and is the new route that was created in September of 2018 following the discovery of the Onett barrier skip and the cliff wiggles by Pirohiko. Additional credit goes to Aurilliux for creating the Cave of the Past and Giygas manipulation, 0xwas for creating the setup for the barrier glitch manipulation, and Arithium for some of the first zombie fight manipulation. If any lines have numbers in the format (x, y, z), these reference RNG values at that point in time. x is RNG1, y is RNG2, and z is RNG3. The page Earthbound RNG manipulation has more information on these values


Starman manipulation

  1. Behind the trees on both walks down and the 2nd walk up
  2. AB under dog, AB at the first outcrop after the second crow, ABAB in the beginning of the 2nd outcrop nook
  3. AA check after buzz buzz, Lx3, ABx3
  4. Starman Fight
    1. Auto fight (1 movement). Remove during the second shield Buzz Buzz places
    2. B Bash

Onett pre-manip

  1. Get the Mr Baseball cap from the tree fort
  2. Head to store
  3. withdraw 50, buy cold remedy, sell baseball cap and cracked bat
  4. Save at phone in hotel

Barrier manip

  1. down-right to door, right and out
  2. AA, down-right to fence, wait a couple seconds
  3. right and down around the fence
  4. left at tree, down-left when able, left along sidewalk (AB immediately)
  5. AupA right after double tree above sign
  6. AA above the E in "Onett Town"
  7. walk down

Getting to Andonut's Lab


  1. Buy 4 Skip Sandwiches
  2. Use up to 3 to get to Threed
  3. Pick up the trash sandwich if you need. Use any remaining to end with only 2 in your inventory


  1. Get equipment but don't equip it
  2. Go down and repair the broken spray can
  3. Head back up and sell defense spray, BBR, Holmes Hat, and Pop Gun
  4. Buy 4 Skip Sandwich DX's
  5. Execute cliff wiggles down to Andonut's lab
  6. Talk to Andonuts and save+reset. Shadow should be the two pixels under the tile

Winters to Nightmare Manipulation

To Underworld Death

  1. X Joined you (216,91,40)
  2. up-right to door, use key after dialog (two movements to key)
  3. L on stairs, A down B, AB if Maxwell walked down on the second Sky Runner pass, ABx2 if Maxwell walked right right
  4. (outside) as walking left, 4 AA's, 3 AB's
  5. Zombie Ghost fight
    1. left left down A, bash, spy
    2. Auto fight (2 movements to it, or right right)
    3. Bash
    4. Bx5, ABx3, Defend
    5. Run
  6. Sitting on Run (93,252,145)
  7. Walk right and enter the right side (RNG3 trigger) when ghost is below you
  8. OOB on stairs. Up-right, and right above the stairs. Soundstone in first room (one menu movement)
  9. Use a skip sandwich in line with the middle of the table (one movement) and exit
  10. Walk down the stairs, then hop back when the ghost touches the stairs
  11. down-left then down along the flat part of the beach
  12. use another skip sandwich (two movements) once you enter the different colored area
  13. soundstone (one movement) when the lumine hall music starts, drop down and die from the cold

To Magicant

  1. Back in Threed underground (35,66,530)
  2. Lx3, A down down B halfway up the stairs
  3. walk left and stop between tombstones and let zombie fight you (AAx2 + AupA once you stop to wait)
  4. Zombie Fight
    1. 3 movements to defend (take 23 damage)
    2. AB defend (get cold)
    3. Run (sitting on Run Away is 7,107,640)
  5. Use the cold remedy once you're OOB right above the ladder: A got over the cold! (100,137.705)
  6. First loaded in Flying man house (197,176,920)


  1. Down-right, then glide past fish man and walk right to enter red area (22,134,985)
  2. AB once you enter the red area
  3. turn up close to the next line, can not glide a bit, go to the point at which you'd turn right to glide (51,38,1030)
  4. AA, then walk right. AA gain at the last outcrop. Glide along wall and then turn up to follow the path all the way (76,67,1090)
  5. AupA, then walk left, L once you start gliding back up. Underneath present (100,169,1135)
  6. AA, AB, then walk left, to the last up point (155,35,1155)
  7. AupA, glides to beanath present (41,39,1200)
  8. hold right, then glide up when possible. Stop midway up the vertical path (13,16,1235)0
  9. AB, walk up and up the middle of the diagonal. Double AB between first and second squiggle.
  10. Turn left, L at the 4th up point. Walk around the inside to the pillar
  11. In the Sea of Eden (173, 208, 1321)

Sea of Eden

  1. swim down-right, glide along top section, glide up past the kraken to the island (244,26,1376)
  2. Give Secret herb to Ness from Jeff's inventory (2 movements), use immediately (1 movement) on Paula without closing menu (131,197,1376)
  3. AA, swim left, swim up the left side of the pillar, AB during the kraken's movement to the left. Turn left
  4. Turn up-left at the first part that is slightly lower, swim up to nightmare and start fight while kraken is swimming down-right
  5. Nightmare Fight
    1. 36 movements (ABx12), defend pray, everyone feeling strange
    2. 14 movements (Bx7), double defend (paula dies)
    3. 8 movements (Bx4) bash
    4. bash
    5. 151 movements (Try to use Lifeup 6 times, back out, 7B's, 1 AB) bash
  6. drop teddy bear on the way back to Onett

End Game

Cave of the Past

  1. 5 L's on the down-left walk to main path
  2. AB at little downtip beneath you
  3. 4 AB's on the top wall. Turn right along the bottom and follow bottom
  4. AB at uptip
  5. AA even with hole
  6. A up A + L at the furthest tip out
  7. walk to top and wait a few seconds,
  8. AB AB A down down B
  9. walk left, then up to wall, then right. Touch marble from left (202,10,265)
  10. Right, then up to glide. ABx3 at first right tip
  11. walk up to even with enemy, Use a bread roll on ness, A vv B, walk left into enemy
  12. Kraken Fight
    1. AB defend defend spy defend
    2. B run away
  13. Post fight (5,248,300)
  14. left with 2 L's, touch marble (don't touch the top, which will cross an RNG3 trigger)
  15. at the highest up tip, give the gutsy bat to Ness (1 or 2 movements through poo)
  16. A down B (AB if it was two movements to the bat)
  17. ABx3 once you start gliding at the second top point, then turn up at the top point. Enter the middle/right side of the door (which crosses an RNG3 trigger)
  18. Inside (42,169,420)
  19. Equip Gutsy bat
  20. 3 L's + AB above the final single intestine, up-right to Giygas

Giygas Fight

  1. Phase One
    1. AB B A > A (BASH Pokey), < A (PRAY), AL (BASH Giygas), v A v AA < < A (lifeup a Jeff) stop mashing once Jeff takes damage, start again once Pokey starts his move
    2. ABx3 B > A v A > A (goods bash to Pokey)6-
    3. ABx3 B ^ A ^ A ^ A > A (paralyze Pokey)
    4. AB BASH Pokey
    5. BASH Pokey
    6. ABx2 B BASH Pokey, v A A v A > A (freeze B Pokey)
  1. Phase Two
    1. bash, freeze a, mirror
    2. ABx2 B bash, bash, freeze a
    3. ABx3 bash, freeze a, bash
    4. bash, pray, freeze B
    5. bash, defend, defend
  2. Phase Three
    1. defend, pray, defend
    2. B defend, pray, defend
    3. B defend, pray, defend
    4. defend, pray, defend
    5. AB defend, > > A (pray), defend
    6. ABx2 defend, pray, defend (mash during prayer) watch damage for next round
      1. If 821 = B defend, pray, defend
      2. If 741 = defend, pray, defend
    7. Watch damage for next rounds
      1. If 1618 = ABx2 defend, pray, defend; ABx2 B defend, pray, defend
      2. If 1653 = AB defend, > > A (pray), defend; B defend, pray, defend