Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinstrals Route

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Created by AndyPerfect

This is a fairly beginner route with the exception of manipulating up to catfish to get the Catfish jewel (although that manipulation is not difficult to perform). Lots of safeties are included and, at times, overly verbose descriptions of dungeons.

Note that this route requires that you have no save files on your cartridge. To erase data, hold start+select as you turn on the game and continue holding until you get the erase file dialog

Unless otherwise stated, do not buffer movement upon leaving towns/caves into the overworld.

RNG manipulation through Catfish


  1. After initial talk with Tia, go back in and shop:
    1. Sell 10 potions, buy 1 escape and buy 3 boomerangs.

Cave of Trials

  1. Walk up to Jelly (He should move down to you). Auto attack for 8 damage.
  2. Hold up to the next fight. Up to wall, right and up into door. Jelly should move off to the right.
  3. Continue up. After dialog, go up, left, use arrow to flip switch, then move around it (to the outside) and go in door. Continue into next room.
  4. Push pillar up one, left onto bottom. Right and out.
  5. After dialog, right to jump off, Wrap around, go up ladder thingy into door. Continue through hallway.
  6. Right 1 and up to attack lizard. Auto for 10 damage.
  7. Hold right to jump off ledge, wrap around and fight slime at the top of the stairs. Hit for 7.
  8. Grass Room: Swipe bottom double row and swipe button grass from left. Hit button and advance.
  9. Pot Room: Grab pot, place on right button, go down and grab other pot and place on left button from right (R to change direction).
  10. Back to Main room: Left and Down. In the next room, go left one step to avoid slime. Then right and down and out.

Return to Elcid

  1. Up left up into village. Go talk to Tia. Leave after cutscene.
  2. Get cutscene on bottom tile of bridge, then left down, then out to the left side of the sign (move left immediately beneath tree).

Cave to Sundletan

  1. Up, left up across bridge to mountain, then right, up, then right into cave. Run from the jelly battle three tiles before cave (the last forest tile).
  2. Up right Up (on door column), slash through grass and go through door. Up across bridge, right,down on button column, slash and down into door (Lizard should be wandering around to the right).
  3. Mushroom room: Down, right down, slash two grasses and arrow mushroom. Go around and leave.
  4. Grass/Button Room: Right, up to cut grass, go grab pot from left and place. Right and out.
  5. Monster/Block Room: Left to push bottom-left block down and fight mushroom. Use boomerang for 35 and 51 damage. Immediately turn around and push block up to fight lizard. Auto attack for 16 damage crit. Right, push block down and enter stairs.
  6. Big second floor room: Down all the way, right all the way, down right, then hit toggler from top. Up and jump off, go down bridge and into stairs. Avoid all Shrine buttons around the top side and enter stairs. Go fight lizard dude.
  7. Lizard Fight:
    1. Boomer for 48 damage. Get hit for 13.
    2. Boomerang again for 44 damage and the kill.
  8. Finish dialog and exit out. Re-enter cave, progress through room 1 the same way, then go straight up to key door. Up right up into Sundletan. Buffer the movement as you leave the cave


  1. Up, get earthquake, then right and up into shop. Buy 2 potions. 7 boomearangs. Leave shop. Left and down on grass column left of bottom path. Left, down, left, up left into cave.

Lake Cave

  1. Entrance Bridge Room: Up, face left and arrow switch. Grab top part and place, then bottom right then bottom left. All movement done from path. Up into next room.
  2. Up left from carpet and up into next room.
  3. Swipe bushes and fall into central bottom hole.
  4. Left and up into left door. Then immediately leave. right to encounter hawks. Boomerang them and get Eagle Rock.
  5. Go up ladder, go right and into door. Right, then push Top pillar left, then enter bottom room. Down right down, then push bottom-right switch down (Fly should be hanging out near the bottom left of the carpet).
  6. Arrow Room: Push Bottom block around left side to top, then push middle blocks on each side down. Leave. Get Lake Key! Reset room and leave. Enter stairs (down right down left down).
  7. Fly Room: Equip Eagle Rock and use 1 potion. Up left up into door. Go enter left door. Down to bottom of room (not the nook), left and up against ledge, jump down and get into fight. Use eagle rock IP move to kill. Left and up into next room.
  8. Bridge Room: Use a potion, then use reset and from spell menu. Up to grab bridge and place above leftmost piece. Down and place that piece. Grab bottom-left piece from left and place. Grab last piece from left and place. Hit switch, go down ladder, grab piece and place to advance. Up to wall, left and in. Up to fight catfish.
  9. Catfish fight
    1. Boomerang for 49 damage. Get hit for 18.
    2. Boomerang for 51. Mega Quaked for 25.
    3. Potion self for 31.
    4. Boomerang for 53. Get hit for 14.
    5. Boomerang for 47 and the kill. Rejoice for catfish jewel.
  10. End of Manipulation
  11. Go save Tia. Use Boomer on both enemy groups.
  12. Tia joins
  13. Equip Catfish Jewel on Maxim and leave.

Alunze Kingdom

  1. Travel west to cave
  2. Enter Alunze, and go to shop
    1. Sell Eagle Rock. Buy 11 Boomerangs. Buy 2 Escapes. Buy 11 Antidotes. Buy Mini shield for Tia.
  3. Leave town and enter the castle.
  4. Go up and watch cut scene. Go into right tower and go down to basement.


  1. Take East door, then south door in pillar room.
  2. Horse Room: Place pot on button and continue.
  3. Place block on tile and push another down the hall.
  4. Fight in Hallway: Boomerang with Tia, Fight with Maxim. Get Bomb and reset.
  5. Return to pillar room and go east, bombing the wall.
  6. Big Mazey Room:Take first path south, hit switch and reset. Take second path down and follow that opened path down the stairs.
  7. Bomb north wall. and continue through.
  8. Pot on SE button, then bomb through again.
  9. Colored Blocks Room:
    1. Bottom Gold push left two then up two to complete row.
    2. Push top-left red up three
    3. Push single red above the gold block two to the left above the single gold
    4. Push top-right gold left to Red block, then down to complete gold row.
    5. Push bottom-left red block up to horizontal line with other red.
    6. Push bottom-left blue block left one, then up two.
    7. Push bottom-right blue block left to vertical row with other blue.
    8. Push top-left blue right to remove all blues.
    9. Push left horizontal red row down two, then single red down in the middle to remove last 5.
    10. Take bottom door.
  10. Take stairs
  11. Travel west, push block left onto switch, reset back.
  12. Place pot on SW button, enter teleporter.
  13. Fight all three groups, double boomerang each group. Try to get preemptive fights by getting them from the side as they walk past. Take NW door into stairs.
  14. Watch flooding cutscene and get crown. Escape out. Return crown to the king. Choose nothing and leave town.

Alunze Northwest Cave

  1. Arrow switch from right of chest, bypass chest, then complete bridges. Hit switch and enter NW door. Down stairs.
  2. Enter South door, then down stairs.
  3. Create pillar bridge
  4. Push top pillars to the right and down to build a bridge. Go through wall to get witch ring and equip it on Tia. Go down stairs.
  5. Take SW stairs.
  6. Pig Bridge Room: Take NW door and hit switch to lower water. take stairs back where we came from.
  7. Take eastern door.
  8. Continue through next door above monsters. Hit switch to lower water. Reset.
  9. Retreat through door and take north door. and down rug stairs.
  10. Bomb through wall and fight Regal Goblin.
    1. Tia Drowsy, Maxim Mega Quake
    2. Tia Boomerang/Drowsy/Strong and Maxim Mega Quake till death. Drowsy's and Strongs if needed.
  11. Equip Eagle rock on Maxim and Escape out without getting chest.
  12. Take North Shrine toward Tanbel


  1. Enter and watch conversation at front of town
  2. Enter weapon shop.
    1. Sell Catfish Jewel.
    2. Buy Tough Hide on Maxim, 2 Kukri's, sell cloth,
  3. Enter Magic shop
    1. Buy Droplet on Tia, Flash on both Maxim and Tia, Strong on Maxim
  4. Enter Item shop
    1. Buy 34 Big Boomers, 11 Hi Potions, 11 Awakes, 11 Shrieks, 11 Mystery Pins, 2 warps, 3 escapes
  5. Meet up with Guy. Double Big Boomer on fight in town.
  6. Guy Joins the Party
  7. Leave town to north and head to tower.

Tannbel Southeast Tower

  1. Take Left door.
  2. Move right block down, grab pot, move Top block down to button, cover other switches, then place pot on top button. Take stairs.
  3. Take south door
  4. Fight rug gnome.
    1. Maxim Big Boomer, Guy Big Boomer, Tia Flash all
  5. Hit switch and go south.
  6. South and out. Go around outside to next room.
  7. Push pillar left, go up and take stairs
  8. Take stairs again
  9. SE door, hit rug switch and go south.
  10. Outside, ladder up and hit switch.
  11. Back the way you came until you get past rug switch room. Take left door past stairs.
  12. Replace pots around around left tile and pillar in middle.
  13. Go south and bomb skeleton on ground for switch. Continue south to outside.
  14. Ladder down and take door.
  15. Sword bottom right pillar, bomb top left, and arrow middle. Get Sky Key.
  16. Retreat back, but take stairs. Heal in heal room.
  17. Cross outside bridge. Take left door.
  18. Place Block next to top tile, put pillar on top tile, then put block on left tile.
  19. Take right door, hit switch, then take middle door for Jute helmet.
  20. Retreat out. Take ladder up to top.
  21. Put Tia in back rank with Maxim and Guy in front. Equip Jute helmet on Maxim and Kukris on Guy and Maxim.
  22. Initiate Camu fight
    1. Tia goes first, Camu 2nd, Guy + Maxim last
    2. Maxim Thunder Blast/Big Boomer, Guy Big Boomer, Tia Flash (or strong as needed).

Tannbel Southeast Tower Trip 2

  1. Take Left door.
  2. Move right block down, grab pot, move Top block down to button, cover other switches, then place pot on top button. Take stairs.
  3. Take south door
  4. Fight rug gnome.
    1. Maxim Big Boomer, Guy Big Boomer, Tia Flash all
  5. Hit switch and go south.
  6. South and out. Go around outside to next room.
  7. Push pillar left, go up and take stairs
  8. Take stairs again
  9. SE door, hit rug switch and go south.
  10. Outside, ladder up and hit switch.
  11. Back the way you came until you get past rug switch room. Take left door past stairs.
  12. Replace pots around around left tile and pillar in middle.
  13. Take stairs Heal in heal room.
  14. Cross outside bridge. Take left door.
  15. Place Block on left tile, put pillar on top tile.
  16. Take door, hit switch.
  17. Retreat out. Take ladder up to top.
  18. Get three chests, Camu Armor, Fire Dagger, and Pearl Brace.
  19. Escape out.
  20. Re-enter and go straight up and out.


  1. Enter Main house in north and talk with rich man.
  2. Exit town and head up, taking the right path.

Ruby Cave

  1. Go straight up through door.
  2. Fight Hornet thing in this room for exp with Big Boomer? (and hopefully a Bee Rock). Hit switch in grass and take left door.
  3. Hit switch in top-right of grass and stairs down. Heal if necessary.
  4. Complete bridge, go up and take right stairs down.
  5. Down and arrow switch across gap. Go back up and take other stairs down.
  6. Down and take more stairs down.
  7. Up through vines to get Ruby Key
  8. Back up stairs, then take right stairs back down
  9. Ice blocks down to the right, then down to the left for Aqua Whip and Fury Helmet. Reset.
  10. Ice to stairs to the right, then head down
  11. Equip Fire Dagger on Guy. Strongest on Guy.
  12. Fight Tarantula (MAKE SURE TIA HAS MINI SHIELD)
    1. Maxim: Camu Jewel IP/Strong/Big Boomer/Hi Potion), Guy Fire Dagger IP, Tia Mini Shield (Battle Lust) Guy.
    2. In follow up rounds, heal and regular attack as necessary when IP is not available.
  13. Get the Ruby Apple after the dialogue, escape out, and warp back to Clamento.

Back in Clamento

  1. Return Ruby Apple to rich man.
  2. Go into bottom left home for additional dialogue.
  3. Leave and travel up left path toward Parceleyte.


  1. Watch cutscene. Go to item shop and buy 10 regains. Exit town and go into castle.
  2. Go to throne room and talk to king. Selan Joins.
  3. Leave castle and head NW to Treasure Sword Shrine

Treasure Sword Shrine

  1. Take right door. continue up and down stairs.
  2. Platform room
    1. Middle horizontal platform on the right side to the left.
    2. Get Undead Ring.
    3. Platform goes back to the right. Get back on and go back to left onto the next platform which goes up.
    4. Hop on the next one which goes all the way to the right side.
    5. Take bottom-right vertical platform up. Get Cold Rapier.
    6. Take vertical platform back down, then back up and hop onto horizontal platform above you to go to the left.
    7. Hop on vertical platform below you to go down.
    8. Hop on horizontal platform to your right.
    9. Hop on vertical platform above you which will take you near the stairs.
    10. Take middle horizontal platform to the left.
    11. Take vertical platform back up, then horizontal one to the top chest.
    12. Get Sword Key and and Anger Brace.
  3. Escape out and re-enter.
  4. Take middle door.
  5. Travel up right side of columns slowly to catch enemy coming from behind pillars. At the top pillar, shoot an arrow behind the top-left column to stun that enemy. Take stairs up.
  6. Travel south two rooms
  7. Lever Room
    1. Hit top switch, then bottom switch, then top switch
    2. Travel across and hit top switch, then bottom switch, then top switch, then bottom switch.
    3. Take SE door.
  8. Go Up to stair room. Go against top wall and go right to get mind ring. Reset and take stairs.
  9. Box Bridge Room
    1. Place bomb above left box
    2. Walk right to place bomb above right box
    3. Start walking up the path. The path will open up as the bombs explode.
  10. Left into door and up stairs.
  11. South. Walk to the enemy column and follow their circular path down to the door.
  12. Color Box Room 1
    1. Place left Yellow on the right side.
  13. Color Box Room 2
    1. Place bottom right red above the bottom yellow.
    2. Place that bottom yellow in the horizontal gap.
  14. Color Box Room 3
    1. Place top right yellow to the right of the bottom row.
    2. Place middle red above where it was (you stand in middle).
    3. Place bottom yellow above left column.
  15. Heal and Save.
  16. Equips
    1. Mind Ring on Tia.
    2. Pearl Brace on Tia.
    3. Unequip Maxim's Camu Jewel.
    4. Unequip Tia's Eagle Rock (if she has it).
    5. Eagle Rock on Maxim.
    6. Undead Ring on Maxim.
    7. Strongest Maxim.
    8. Ear Jewel on Selan.
    9. Unequip Guy's Bee Rock (if he has it).
    10. Give Selan Bee Rock (if have).
    11. Give Selan the Mini Shield
  17. Party order should be: Maxim, Guy, Tia, Selan
  18. Start fight with Clown
    1. Attack with Maxim (cold rapier IP if available) and Guy. Tia Droplet. Selan strong everyone but Guy.
  19. Mash X after the Clown reappears to get into menu and heal.
  20. Go up and attack right clown.
    1. Attack with Maxim and Guy, Tia Flash. Selan strong as necessary (otherwise Flash).
  21. Heal again.
  22. Maxim + Tia Clown
    1. Maxim Battle Lust himself, Tia Stronger both.
    2. Maxim Glacial Blast, Tia continues to Stronger / strong.
  23. Guy + Selan Clown
    1. Guy Hi potion Selan, Selan Battle Lust Guy
    2. Guy Blaze Attack, Selan Strong self or both if needed (Flash if you're feeling comfortable).
  24. Get Treas. Sword and spell Escape out. Warp to Parcelyte.

Return to Parcelyte Castle

  1. Go up to throne room and talk to king.
  2. Get through all the dialogue and Selan officially joins \o/
  3. Southwest to Gordovan.


  1. Enter and immediately leave. Head to West tower

Gordovan West Tower

  1. Take left door
  2. Take left door in gnome-in-blocks room and go up stairs.
  3. Go South and hit switch. Push top gold block right, walk down grey tiles. Push bottom gold block (adjacent to greys) left two, then go back up and arrow the switch. Hit the lever and exit south.
  4. Cross bridge and enter right side. Continue north and go up stairs.
  5. Place top pot on bottom right switch. Take top right door along path. Take stairs up.
  6. Go south and get Hook.
  7. Push pillar right, then hookshot around to left door. Take stairs up.
  8. Take SW door. Enter section, bomb box, then go around and take SE door.
  9. Go outside and hit lever, return and take NE door in box room.
  10. Take elevator to 3rd floor. Take left door.
  11. Pillar Pit Room
    1. Push East pillar to NE tile of other pillar.
    2. Hook to it from west, push south pillar down one, then east pillar back out.
    3. Hook pillar from south to press button, then go south.
  12. Take Southern door and ladder up to west door.
  13. Hit switches in order (1, 5, 6, 2, 7, 3, 4)
  14. Get Wind Key \o/ Stairs down.
  15. Hook across and take elevator to fifth floor
  16. Take east door.
  17. Go south through key door. Continue south, go up ladder into door.
  18. Go north into door.
  19. Gades Fight
  20. Just keep running until you die
  21. Advance through the Dialogue
  22. Remove all of Guy's equipment
  23. Escape out with Selan, Warp to Parcelyte

On to Merix

  1. Walk up to the King and watch all of the dialogue
  2. Leave the castle and warp to Gordovan
  3. Head west to the tower
    1. Enter east door
    2. Enter door at far north
  4. Walk north to Merix
  5. Shopping
    1. Sell Ear Jewel, Cloth, Charred Newt, Short Sword, Boomers, Fypan, Bracelet, Small Knife, Kukri
    2. Buy 13 Big Boomers
    3. Purchase a Gladius for nobody
    4. Toga on Tia
    5. Purchase a Fireball for Selan
  6. Head north to Cave Bridge

Cave Bridge

  1. Take stairs to east
  2. Take door to east
  3. Blow up eastern wall and hit switch
  4. Backtrack two rooms, hookshot across, enter north door, stairs down and take door
  5. Take north door and fall down hole
  6. Dialogue and fall down next hole
  7. Head north and fight monster blocking switch
    1. Triple Big Boomer
  8. Hit switch and head east
  9. Go up 4 stairs
  10. Exit at top of stairs
  11. Head NNE to Bound Kingdom

Bound Kingdom

  1. Watch the cutscene then talk to Dekar
  2. Head up and speak to the king
  3. Leave castle and head NNW

North Dungeon

  1. SAFETY Take east door to get Thunder ring Reset and leave room
  2. Take NW door. Take left door twice
  3. Approach the stairs from the left until it hits the bottom tile, then head down
  4. Take SW door
  5. Move pillar right one, hookshot over and place pot on button, then push pillar out and head south (Hookshot down through door before leaving to stun sword)
  6. Take stairs
  7. Take eastern door
  8. Moving Platform room
    1. Bottom-left right
    2. Middle-right down
    3. Middle right
    4. Bottom-middle up
    5. Top-middle right
    6. Middle up
    7. Top-middle left
    8. Take NW door
  9. Colored tiles
    1. Bomb top right, middle right, bottom right, then middle. Wait for explosions
    2. Bomb top left, then top middle. Wait for explosions
  10. Head left down stairs and enter save room
  11. Equips
    1. Remove all from Tia
    2. Equip Pearl brace on Selan
    3. Equip Mind Ring on Selan
    4. Equip Camu Jewel on Selan (if have)
    5. Equip Anger Brace on Maxim
  12. Change party ordering. Maxim top left, Tia top right, Selan bottom left
  13. Head SE
  14. Push pillar to right button, head up and start cut scene
  15. Mummy Fight
    1. Big Boomer with Maxim, Strong with Tia, Fireball 3 with Selan
    2. Revive as necessary and get everyone back to fill before killing final one
  16. Troll Fight
    1. Big Boomer with Maxim, Strong with Tia, Fireball with Selan
    2. Recover and finish as necessary
  17. Watch cutscene
  18. Equip Bee Rock on Selan (if have)
  19. Remove Mind ring from Selan
  20. Spell escape out, spell warp to bound kingdom

Back to Bound Kingdom

  1. Head up to King and talk
  2. Equips
    1. Dekar to front row
    2. Strongest on Guy
  3. Leave and head east to Ancient Tower

Ancient Tower

  1. Push Left Pillar through rug. Take door, then take left door
  2. Fight snake by swiping in front of door till he comes
    1. Big Boomers until dead
    2. Strong with Maxim post fight to heal
  3. Bull fight
    1. Big Boomers until dead
    2. Strong with Maxim post fight to heal
  4. Pillar Room
    1. Walk around top and push right pillar down one
    2. Walk back around top to bottom of left pillar
    3. Walk right into bottom pillar until button is pressed
    4. Walk down a bit, then out of room
  5. Push pillar to left of bottom spike of left column. Hookshot over and take stairs
  6. Take bottom left door
  7. Take bottom left door again
  8. Continue to outside and head back in through left door
  9. Bomb wall and go up. Walk straight up onto special tiles to reveal new door. Take it.
  10. Stairs up, then NE door
  11. Take bottom fork and take teleporter from right side
  12. Enter monster area and get pumpkin jewel from chest
    1. Stun from outside if necessary
    2. Pick up urn, go right two, down one, then place urn to the right to trap bull. Go up around it and stun enemies to get chest
  13. Leave monster area and take bottom door
  14. Head up ladder and take left door
  15. Fight snake
    1. Big Boomers until dead
  16. Fight shell
    1. Big Boomers until dead
  17. Take top left door. Grab Cloud Key then leave the way you came in
  18. Take right door outside and go straight up
  19. Push all the blocks to the middle and hookshot the lever from the side
  20. Hit left switch, then backtrack to outside
  21. Head down ladder and take right door
  22. Take north door past monster area
  23. Take portan, then take top portal from the left. Go up stairs
  24. Take bottom door and get the Fayza shield
  25. Exit and take NW door
  26. Take NW door in switchy room, hitting the switch on the way
  27. Hit the ladder switch and take the southern doors to get back outside
  28. Take left ladder down and enter back inside
  29. Push three right pillars up one and left pillar down one, head north and take stairs up
  30. Sword left statue 5 times, right statue 3 times, then hit middle button for heals. Head south and save
  31. Take right door outside, then stairs up
  32. Take north door
  33. Walk up and step on right teleporter. Hold right and pray
  34. Head up and hit lever. Leave back out and take teleporter
  35. Take south doors to outside, take left door
  36. Unlock door and take stairs up
  37. Equips
    1. Undead Ring on Dekar
    2. Mind Rink, Pumpkin Jewel, and Fayza shield on Maxim
    3. Anger Brace and Gladius on Guy
  38. Gades Fight
    1. Dekar Attack, Guy Holy Energy / Battle Lust Dekar / Attack, Maxim Stronger party
    2. Extra healing / regains can come from Guywith Maxim
  39. Cutscene
  40. Take bottom right stairs and bomb statue
  41. Leave and take top stairs
  42. Bottom left door and stairs down. Arrow statue and head back up
  43. Bottom left stairs and take north door
  44. Stairs down and south door (hitting right tile on way out)
  45. Hit right tile and head outside
  46. Ladder down and walk up for another cutscene

Terrible Wedding

  1. Watch terrible wedding ceremony and watch the seasons change all lame-like
  2. Selan doesn't belong with Maxim and Tia is lame for abandoning Maxim and not being able to handle feelings

Chasing a Baby

  1. Leave Parcelyte and head NE to North Lighthouse

North Lighthouse

  1. Head up and push blocks to create an arrow pointing right. Take right door.
  2. Take NW door and take stairs
  3. Take south door
  4. Play matching game to head west by hitting the tiles in the following order
    06 10 11 01
    07 02 03 14
    15 04 05 08
    16 13 12 09
  5. Take stairs and head south
  6. Press button and backtrack to head south in matching room
  7. Go south to outside and take left door
  8. Take stairs, hookshot across, and take NE door
  9. Bomb NE wall and hit lever
  10. Backtrack and take southern door to outside. Ladder up and reenter
  11. Hit button, place left pot on left-most tile, place right pot on tile in same row to the right from the top.
  12. Get Light Key
  13. Equip mini shield on Selan, escape out, and re-enter
  14. Create arrow pointing left. Take left door.
  15. Take top door with Light Key
  16. Stairs up and take NE door
  17. Stairs up twice and take SE door
  18. Stairs up again and take southern door
  19. Safety: On right of room, push pillar, blow up tile and drop pillar down for Bee Rock. Equip it on Selan. Backtrack.
  20. Strongest on Selan, the pop Mini shield back on.
  21. Go south again and heal and save
  22. Strongest on Selan and make sure she has Mini Shield + Thunder Ring + Bee Rock + whatever else.
  23. Go outside and take left door
  24. Head north twice
  25. Push left block in, top block in, right block in, then bottom block left, hit switch and stairs up
  26. Initiate encounter With Idura
    1. Turn order is generally Maxim, Selan, Idura, companions
    2. Maxim Glacial Blast, Selan battle lust Maxim / Heal
    3. Selan use Thunder Ring on called companion when necessary
    4. Double flash companion if not enough IP

To Aleyn

  1. Leave and warp to bound kingdom
  2. Head east towards Aleyn
  3. Guy and Dekar join. Place them in the front row.
  4. Head east to Aleyn
  5. Spell Shop
    1. Blizzard on Selan
    2. Stronger on Selan
  6. Shop
    1. Sell all Big Boomers
    2. Buy 31 Ice Balls
    3. Long Robe and Turban on Selan
  7. Leave to West
  8. Head north to Phantom Tree Mountain

Phantom Tree Mountain

  1. Take first door on right and go inside bush barrier in front of door. Bomb from inside and go north.
  2. Take eastern door and stairs up. Hit lever and backtrack to the first room and go right and stairs up
  3. Take NE door, then SE door to outside
  4. Go up steps, enter, and stairs up
  5. Bomb right wall, then take door on the right, follow path to outside and get Tree Key
  6. Backtrack to bush puzzle room
    1. Enter from right and fill one bush.
    2. Exit, then circle around and hit bottom of left column.
    3. Fill bottom row, then go up and fill main section starting with the right side
    4. Leave to the left, then fill top bush
  7. Get Fire arrows. Head left and then take SW door to outside
  8. Walk down two sets of steps and reenter
  9. Stairs up, then take hidden door behind vines on the far right side and stairs up again
  10. Block room
    1. Walk up ladder, fire arrow up and left
    2. Push block left and fire arrow up. Walk up, left, then fire arrow up
    3. Push block up, then push block right, then push top block right onto switch
    4. Head up to middle section, fire arrow up, push one block up, then cut to the left and reset while standing on the other button
    5. Head left to cracky section
    6. Enter on right tile, then hug the bottom to the pot
    7. Carry it around the block and follow your previous path along the top around the left side of the double block
    8. While standing to the right of the pot, place your current one to the right
    9. Pick up the other one and place it on the first button. Walk to the right and place the other pot on the other button
    10. Walk to the end and out
  11. Bomb the wall and enter hookshotty room
    1. Walk down the steps and enter the one platform near the top middle.
    2. Hookshot down, then follow hookshot targets starting to the left
    3. Enter NE door and stairs up
  12. Hookshot the enemy while he's on the switch and head north to outside
  13. Walk across bridge and blow up door
  14. Pull enemy to platform to break it while you're on it
  15. Stairs down and head south to trigger cutscene
  16. Save and head south for fight
    1. Ice balls from Guy and Dekar in the front, heals with Maxim and Selan in the back
    2. Once one is dead, you can start attacking/IP moves with Maxim
  17. Head south, then hookshot across to the bushy tree

Back to Aelyn

  1. Sleep at the Inn twice, then head south to the ship
  2. Head to Gruberik to buy 21 Sleep Balls
  3. Back to the dock and head to Narcyssus
  4. On to Narcyssus


  1. Head up the steps to trigger the girls cutscene
  2. Place Guy and Dekar back in the front
  3. Leave and head north to Tower of Sacrifice

Tower of Sacrifice

  1. Take NW door
  2. Take Eastern door then stairs up
  3. Take West door, hit lever, go south through wall on column right of pillar. Bomb wall, then go south
  4. Hit both buttons then head up
  5. Hookshot back across, then head south through wall, then south again, then south to outside
  6. Take right door back in, head up stairs, then bomb north
  7. Stairs down twice to get Narcysus key at south of room
  8. Bomb all three pillars then stairs up once, then take southern stairs up and get ice ring
  9. Equip Ice Ring on Selan and Fayza shield on Maxim (might be on Guy if did RNG manip)
  10. Take stairs back down, then take NE stairs up and SW wall down
  11. Head outside and take left door
  12. Use key to open door
    1. Push block to two tiles south of right statue
    2. Place bomb on tile to NE
    3. Walk back around and push block up one. Block slides over
    4. Head north and stairs up
  13. Arrow Room
    1. On Left Arrow Place bomb on:
    2. top right
    3. bottom right
    4. 2nd from right column in the middle
    5. 3rd from right 2nd from top
    6. 3rd from right 2nd from bottom
    7. Left tip
    8. Repeat on right side, then head SE
  14. Head south twice to outside and hit lever
  15. Head north twice then take left door in arrow room
  16. Head south three times to outside
  17. Ladder up and take middle door
  18. Slidy Block Room
    1. Walk in between 1st and 2nd sections up
    2. Walk between 3rd and 4th sections down
    3. Walk on right side up
    4. Walk on left side down
    5. Head up and take northern door
  19. Equips
  20. Stairs up and initiate Idura fight
    1. Guy Ice Ball, Dekar Ice Ball, Maxim Fleet IP on self, Selan Blizzard Idura
    2. Guy + Dekar Ice balls, Maxim Sleep ball, Selan Blizzard Idura / Stronger party
    3. Fireball + dekar attack companions
  21. After the cutscenes, Escape out with Selan
  22. Head SE across bridge, pass mini town and head north to Karlloon North Shrine

Karlloon North Shrine

  1. Head north and bomb pillar on ground, then push pillar to tile. Head SE and stairs up
  2. Head north then SW
  3. Take northern door. Hit bottom switch, then top switch, then hookshot across and get Dekar Blade.
  4. Reset and head south.
  5. Hookshot switch then hookshot across and take SW door
  6. Head south and swipe first flame. Take right door and head up stairs.
  7. Head north, push 2nd block from left up one, then get Lion Fang.
  8. Head north then enter portal
  9. Head up
  10. Block Room
    1. Push block left
    2. Push block above that one left
    3. Push block up
    4. Head around and push block right
    5. Push down
    6. Push left
    7. Enter portal
  11. Bomb both sections, hit lever on right, then head up left
  12. Equips
    1. Dekar with Dekar Blade and Lion Fang,
    2. Pearl Brace on Selan
    3. Anger Brace on Guy
  13. Take Portal and head up for Idura fight
    1. Dekar Fatal Blow, Guy Battle Lust Dekar, Maxim Fleet self, Selan Lightbulb self
    2. Dekar attack, Guy Ice Ball, Maxim Sleep Ball or Ice ball, Selan Blizzard or Stronger, Blizzard + iceball companions, Shriek party members awake
  14. Remove all from Dekar
  15. Heal up and head north for another cutscene
  16. Head south to arch room
  17. Push left pillar on to little inset, then hookshot across to fall down hole. Head down two stairs.
  18. Place 5 bombs to break the pillars right above you, then take the left stairs up
  19. Follow path around and take stairs down and head north
  20. Leave town after the cutscene and take the cave towards Treadool
  21. Head north to Treadool


  1. Talk to the guy in the middle of town about a boat. Say Yes.
  2. Exit town and head NNE to Lexis' Lab
  3. Take Path right, left, then right (behind vines)
  4. Talk to Lexis and watch cutscene
  5. Escape out and warp to Aleyn
  6. Talk to Jerad (bottom middle house)
  7. Warp to Treadool and talk to the blonde girl in the front
  8. Head SE toward Flower Mountain

Flower Mountain

  1. Bomb Entrance, take eastern door and get Hammer
  2. Take NE door, hammer way through path and take SE door
  3. Steps up and reenter
  4. Hammer pillar over and head north
  5. Head north (ignore pillar on island). Stairs up and head south to outside
  6. Jump down arrow ledge, then jump down left side and reenter
  7. Head north, then wrap around and take northern door
  8. Walk through spike puzzle then stairs up twice
  9. Walk south and drop through the cracked tile
  10. SUPER CAREFULLY get the burn sword from the chest and pray you don't die. Reset.
  11. Head south to outside and get the Flower Key
  12. Jump down arrow ledges to the right side
  13. Push the pillar over to the button again and head north
  14. Head north past island pillar and up stairs. Head east, breaking the rock with the hammer and head north from there.
  15. Spike Puzzle
    1. Left switch, hug left wall, then top across teleporter into top right
    2. Middle switch, hig far left underneath teleporter, into top middle
    3. Right switch, straight over
    4. Take far right door and grab left chest only for flying axe
  16. Leave room and take eastern door with the key
  17. Follow path until heal/save room.
  18. Equip
    1. Burn Sword, Fayza Shield, and Lion Fang on Guy
    2. Mini Shield on Selan
    3. Anger Brace on Maxim, Fire Dagger On Maxim
  19. Save
  20. Fight Rogue Flower
    1. Guy Attack, Maxim Battle Lust Guy, Selan Sleep Ball/ heal / fireball
    2. Keep up with with this strategy, healing and sleep balling as necessary
  21. Escape out and warp to treadool. Head to the sick girl's home
  22. Talk to Lexis at the souther pier, head to Dankirk Kingdom

Dankirk Kingdom

  1. Head up to NW door at top of castle and talk to Prince
  2. Attempt to leave castle to trigger stolen cutscene
  3. Warp to Clamento and talk the jeweler
  4. Warp back to Dankirk and talk to the prince
  5. Head East then north to Dankirk North Cave

Dankirk North Cave

  1. Head north
  2. Grab jar and place on button under north bushes. Head north
  3. Take NE door and take stairs down
  4. Take SW door and press the button at the bottom of the room. Reset and head back to the main room
  5. Hit the switch on the left side, then hookshot to the south and stairs down
  6. Head south and take western door
  7. Take new path and jump off ledge near the flower, bomb the bones and hit button.
  8. Head north and hit red switch
  9. Bomb wall behind vines north of mermaid thrice. Hit the button and head up stairs.
  10. Head south then take NW door.
  11. Take SW door past flower and go down stairs
  12. Push pillar in front of eye and proceed
  13. Hit the red switch and cross new bridge and head down stairs
  14. Hit 3 switches and take SE door
  15. Take NE door and get Fury Ribbon
  16. Hammer north wall and head north
  17. Arrow both eyes behind the vines and head down the stairs
  18. Take the portal, push block to one of the sides, then retreat and press that button. Repeat with the other side to get the Dankirk Key.
  19. Portal back in and push the block back to the middle and hit the switch
  20. Head back to main room with the spikes you lowered, hitting the last eye and the last switch on the way
  21. Go past the spikes and stairs down
  22. Cut bush in south and enter secret room for Figgoru (middle chest). Reset
  23. Equips
    1. Eagle Rock on Guy
    2. Lion Fang, Undead Ring, and Figgoru on Lexis
    3. Put Lexis in front right
  24. Press button past SE door then enter
  25. Freeze assassin off from the bridge, try to back attack shadow.
    1. Attack with all, defend with Selan
  26. Pick up the grate and fall down
  27. Hit the lever and stairs up
  28. Go down the stairs on the other side
  29. Save and heal
  30. Take SW door, hit the lever back and make an arrow pointing south
  31. Head south past enemy, wrap around and stairs down
  32. Follow path and use key to advance
  33. Wrap around maze (east side over to west up to top).
  34. If any encounters, attack with all, defend with selan
  35. Take SE door and save
  36. Equip the Bee Rock on Maxim (Likely on Selan)
  37. Quadruple Soldier Fight
    1. Guy Firestorm, Lexis Attack, Selan Blizzard all, Maxim Immobilize IP
    2. Repeat if unlucky

Loose ends and onto Ferim Kingdom

  1. Leave castle and take boat south near the gate to Auralio Kingdom
  2. Talk to king dude at big northern house. Leave and head south to Ferim Kingdom

Ferim Kingdom

  1. Purchase Champion for Both Selan and Maxim
  2. Talk to Red haired dude on 2nd floor in right room
  3. Leave and head for Northeast tower to the Northeast \o/

Northeast Tower

  1. Go north, then bomb right wall and take stairs up
  2. Head south through two doors, hammer pillar, then hookshot over and head south and outside
  3. Head up ladder and take left door
  4. Hit buttons to face right, then press lever. Head outside and take right door
  5. Head north, then take bottom door (past the ninja) and go upstairs
  6. Head south past the ninja to outside
  7. Head down the ladder then back in
  8. Tile Puzzle
    1. Enter, walk left, then fill the two columns zig zagging to the top
    2. Pass the top block, then wrap around heading down
    3. Head up on the right column
  9. Head down the stairs and get the key
  10. Escape out and reenter
  11. Head north and bomb right wall, go up the stairs
  12. South through two doors, hammer and grapple pillar
  13. Up the ladder and enter left door
  14. Go across bridge and stairs up
  15. Arrow Room
    1. Arrow right and hop on
    2. Hit the bottom button to point right
    3. Hop on bottom platform and get the Mysto Jewel. Reset.
    4. Hop on platform pointing down
    5. Without moving, point the arrow down
    6. leave south
  16. Walk down one tile, then left one tile to stun ninja
  17. outside, head up ladder
  18. Do the little ninja puzzle and head north
  19. Listen to Amon then escape out and warp back to Ferim
  20. Head up to the king for more shpeel

Agurio and Treble

  1. Leave and travel north past the tower.
  2. Enter Agurio and listen to Iris at the top of the city
  3. Leave and warp to Ferim
  4. Travel SSE to Treble
  5. Buy 12-15 Terror Balls, sort and leave
  6. Travel SSE to Portravia


  1. Buy 10 regains (if needed)
  2. Enter Kirmo's lab at the top and talk to the green haired guy downstairs
  3. Leave and Hop in the boat (can re-warp to Portravia if it's not there)
  4. Travel ESE, then south to Mountain of No Return

Mountain of No Return

  1. Up the steps and into the door
  2. Push right statue up 1 tile and head around and up
  3. Single Pillar Statue Room
    1. Push Pillar up to statue, then left to tile SW of left statue, then up to 2 tiles south of top statue
    2. Push left statue right 1, then up 1
    3. Push right statue left 2, then up to tile NE of pillar
    4. Push bottom statue right one, then up to block top statue
    5. Head north and up the stairs
  4. Head outside and into other door
  5. take NE door and stairs up
  6. Head outside, bridge across, then back in and stairs down
  7. Second Statue Room
    1. In the group of 2 statues to your SE, push the left facing one down 1, then hammer down again
    2. Push the north facing one to the right until you can push the other left facing one down 1
    3. Head to left side of room and go to the bottom
    4. Push that right facing statue up 2
    5. Go right and up and push the south facing one right one tile with hammer
    6. Back down and push the north facing statue right until you can head south and out
  8. Equips
    1. Remove all from Lexis
    2. Lions Fang on Guy
    3. Eagle Rock on Selan
    4. Mysto Jewel on Lexis
  9. Gargoyle Fight
    1. Use Terror Balls from everyone and pray
    2. Heal if you need to with Maxim's Champion


  1. Sort items and remove Arty's gear. Sell all of it (bottom of inventory)
  2. Buy Evening Gown for Selan
  3. Change Arty to Front with Guy
  4. Leave and head south across bridge to Divine Shrine

Divine Shrine

  1. Head north and down stairs
  2. Pillar Hookshot room
    1. Hook pillar above and to the right, then straight right, then straight up
    2. Left pillar of north block, then left
    3. Hit lever then head up stairs (linear path) to get key and return
    4. Hookshot to floor then head back to beginning
    5. Hook pillar above and to the right, then straight right, then straight up
    6. Right pillar of top block, then right to movey pillar. Push it all the way up
    7. Backtrack two pillars, then head up the left side
    8. Hook pillar to the right of stairs, then the pillar you moved
    9. Hook the pillar above the spikes and head up the stairs
    10. Pick up the bottom right jar of top left section, cross the lowered spikes, and head down the stairs
    11. Get the Rocket Ring
    12. Jump down and head to the beginning
    13. (Repeated Section)
    14. Hook pillar above and to the right, then straight right, then straight up
    15. Right pillar of top block, then right to movey pillar. Push it all the way up
    16. Backtrack two pillars, then head up the left side
    17. Hook pillar to the right of stairs, then the pillar you moved
    18. Hook the pillar above the spikes and head up the stairs
    19. Pick up the right column of the right jars and fall down the bottom right tile
    20. Follow path counter clockwise to the stairs on your right and head up two stairs
  3. Take north door twice, then SW door past torches
  4. Stand on the platform and press the button to move across
  5. Head north twice then right past torches and up stairs
  6. Take southern door
  7. Through heart key door
  8. Move pillars onto switches with hammer and head north
  9. Artea...rejoins after long cutscene
  10. Step on the portal to the north for stat stuff then exit out and warp to Portavia

On to the Shrine of Vengenace

  1. Head to the lab and talk to Lexis
  2. Hop on the sub and go west, then southwest and enter the shrine of vengenace from underwater

Shrine of Vengeance

  1. Hit the switch and head north
  2. Head north through hall
  3. Take stairs down that you first see
  4. Blue blocks on top spots, hit switch. Red blocks onto middle spots, hit switch and get key
  5. Head back upstairs and go left on the skinny walkway and up the stairs
  6. Take SE door
  7. Go right up and around to take SE door
  8. Bomb far left wall and enter Ghost key door. Down stairs
  9. Hop on the platform and ride. Head up stairs
  10. Head south and bomb the fallen pillar, then bomb the skeletons to fall down
  11. Bomb both the broken pillars and ladder up and stairs up twice
  12. Bomb far left wall and stairs up to get the evil jewel
  13. Come back down and bomb the wall behind the chario for Bright Armor
  14. Equips
    1. Tough Hide, Evil Jewel on Maxim
    2. Tough Hide on Guy, Remove Lion Fang
    3. Lion Fang, Undead Right and Evening Gown on Selan
    4. Bee Rock and Rocket Ring on Artea
  15. Head out to ledge and hammer platform down and take right door
  16. Push left block down and up and down and up the red rug
  17. Heal and save
  18. Head north for Venge Ghost Fight
    1. Guy Re-Energize IP, Selan Sacred song IP, Maxim Re-Energize IP, Arty Valor (All on Ghost)
    2. Repeat, heal with Artea / Maxim if needed
  19. Head north and get the Cursed Bow. Heal and escape
  20. Head NE a bit to Barnan

Barnan, Chaed, and On


  1. Buy two crystal wands
  2. Platinum Band on Selan
  3. Talk to Iris
  4. Hop in sub and head SW to Chaed (access it from underwater)


  1. Sell the cursed bow (and flame jewel for extra cash if you got it)
  2. Buy Zirco Rod for Arty and 31 dragon Tooth. Sort items.
  3. Hop in the sub and head east to the Tower of Truth

Tower of Truth

  1. Take right door
  2. Press right button and step on notes 3, 2, 1, 4
  3. Head north twice and hit the lever
  4. Head back to main room and hammer wall on NW side
  5. Hookshot across, take north door and stairs up
  6. Take SW door, then south door, then SE door
  7. Switch Room
    1. Hook red switch
    2. Hook it again from the right side
    3. Hook it from below and head south
  8. Ladder up twice and head in
  9. Head through then hit button on right and head north
  10. Hit switches in this order: 4, 2, 5, 1, 3
  11. Stairs down in SE corner
  12. Head north and take SW door
  13. Place Jar on right button and box on left, go SW and up stairs
  14. Monster Room
    1. Go to SE corner and get all 3 items
    2. Head to NE corner and head out
  15. Stairs up and take SE door
  16. Jar Box Bridge Room
    1. Jar on bottom button, crate above it
    2. Cross bridge and push block to bottom button and head back
    3. Grab the jar and place it on the button to the SE (across the bridge)
    4. Go back to grab the crate and place it on the new button in front (the lone island button)
    5. Head west and push the block to top button
    6. Go back to the crate and put it on the new button
    7. Place a bomb there, then cross the bridge. Head south and get the key
  17. Backtrack all the way (past the monster room) to the double jar box room
  18. Box on right button, jar on left. Head SE
  19. Stun the mimic chest and head south
  20. Head outside and go up ladder to top
  21. Through truth key door and up stairs
  22. Save above you, then head south
  23. Head outside and take right door. Head up for cutscene and dragon fight
    1. Swap Selan and Guy
    2. Dragon Tooth with everyone
  24. Escape out, hop in the sub, go to the east side of the island and enter Durale


  1. Sell the song rock and whatever else you need, buy the silver sword
  2. Warp to Chaed and go south to Dragon Mountain

Dragon Mountain

  1. Bypass first door and take steps up to the right and in
  2. Head north
  3. Slice bushes in middle column of arrowhead. Place bomb on top bush tile, then middle tile, then bottom tile, then swipe bottom left bush
  4. Head north to get Sonic Ring
  5. Hookshot across and go up stairs
  6. Take stairs on left side of room
  7. Hook across and pull dinosaur to cracked tiles. Take southern door.
  8. Head outside, up steps and hook across. Take door and follow path to get the key
  9. Escape out and reenter
  10. Pass both entraces to opt for steps on the far east and enter there
  11. Enter Magma Key door
  12. Island Pillar Room
    1. Hammer + hook over to bottom right
    2. Hammer up top right column, then wrap around clockwise to topright island.
    3. Hammer down the right column on bottom-right island, then hook to the right and up stairs
  13. Head south for Grass puzzle room
    1. Equip Fire arrows
    2. Move to tile left of center grass and cut it
    3. Face left and swipe till you cut that one
    4. Up two tiles, then fire arrow right
    5. Down one tile, left one tile, swipe once, fire arrow south
    6. Face up, swipe till you cut
    7. Right one, down one, face right and fire arrow
    8. Down two, fire arrow right
    9. Up one, right one, cut down
    10. right two, fire arrow up
    11. Left one, up one, fire arrow left
    12. Down one, left one, fire arrow up, swipe down
    13. Right two, swipe up
    14. Head south
  14. Head up steps and in. Stairs down and save.
  15. Head back up, place the bomb on the weird wall, hook wall until bomb explodes, then hammer and break it. Drop down.
  16. Down 3 stairs, then stairs down once more to the right
  17. Lava room
    1. Wrap around to north CCW and grab miracle from right chest.
    2. Swipe bush and jump down onto button for Hidora Rock.
    3. Jump down to the bottom
    4. Hookshot down to your SW and steps up
    5. Take north bridge to get Gorgon Rock behind wall
    6. Head back and take long central bridge to fall down. Stairs down
  18. Equips
    1. Strongest and Ghostclothes on Artea.
    2. Strongest, Hidora Rock, Flying Axe, and Camu Armor on Guy
    3. Ghost Ring and Cold Rapier on Maxim
    4. Equip Bright armor on Maxim
    5. Ice Ring on Selan
  19. Hookshot down to fall. Hookshot to the east and head up steps for Red Dragon
    1. Guy attack, Artea Battle lust Guy, Maxim Dragon Tooth, Selan Champion
    2. Guy Flying Axe IP when available, Artea attack / heal, Maxim attack or Glacial Blast IP, Selan Dragon Tooth or heal
    3. Arty res with Valor, Champion to heal, Ghostclothes IP when possible to save MP
  20. Escape out and warp to Chaed

The Dual Blade

  1. Enter top left house and more dialogue to get Jade of Mermaids
  2. Leave and take the sub NNE to the crescent island shape underwater cave
  3. Bottom right building, Zirco Flail on Guy (Sell the Camu Jewel if need more money)
  4. Talk the the queen
  5. Equip Tough hide on both Maxim and Guy, Evening Gown on Selan.
  6. Back in the sub, exit, then head north to triangle island underwater cave
  7. Ghost Ship
    1. Guy and Selan in front. Maxim and Arty in back.
    2. Arty Valor ship, Maxim re-energize ship, Guy re-energize ship, Selan Sacred song ship
    3. Attack companions as necessary (best with Artea and Maxim). Artea heals as necessary
  8. Enter left whirlpool and talk to queen.
  9. Up to dual blade (up, right, up, left, up)

Beginning of the End

  1. Warp to Portravia and talk to Lexis
  2. Warp to Durale, hop in the sub and head east, around the bottom of the island, go far south, enter Gratze Submarine Cave

Gratze Prison

  1. Take eastern path and enter whirlpool
  2. Head north a bunch and get captured
  3. Heal and save in far left cell
  4. Equips
    1. Maxim: Silver sword, Bright Armor, Sonic Ring
    2. Arty: Zirco Rod, Ghost Ring, Gorgon Rock
    3. Guy: Zirco flail, Rocket Ring, Pumpkin Jewel
    4. Selan: Strongest, Mini shield, Bee Rock
  5. Head south for Soldier fight
    1. Guy and Artea in front, Maxim and Selan in back
    2. Dragon Tooth with everyone
  6. Take stairs, then take north door past octopus
  7. Pick up the jar and stand on button with it. Go north
  8. Hammer NE wall
  9. Walk around empty space to get basement key (No major glitches \o/)
  10. Reset and exit
  11. Push pillar onto button and hook across. Press the lever and head back to jar button room
  12. Head south
  13. Arrow the eye and head north
  14. Head north and take the stairs
  15. Take NE door in triple monster room
  16. Take north door, south door, then stairs. Through key door.
  17. Button room
    1. Step on first button.
    2. Head south to next button.
    3. Head east to next button
    4. Move to right button
    5. Move down to next button
    6. Go up
    7. Go right
    8. Go down and out
  18. Head up the stairs
  19. Soldier Fight
    1. Dragon Tooth with all
  20. Tank Fight
    1. Guy head attack, Arty Ax attack (or regular attacks after a few turns) or heals, Maxim Holy Energy, Selan Battle Lust Guy (or others), or heals
    2. Swap Arty and Maxim as needed. Guy should stay in front and Selan should stay in back
  21. Equips
    1. Undead Ring and Hidora Rock on Guy
    2. Rocket Ring and Crystal wand on Artea
  22. Head down and talk to Lexis
  23. Fly Northwest to Navrick

The Middle of the End

  1. Sell the Zirco Rod and buy 2 Zirco Shields
  2. Talk to man in north house for virgin
  3. Head to South Tower

South Tower

  1. Take path all the way around, enter last possible door. Go up the stairs.
  2. Take the right door. Take the stairs and go north. Take more stairs up.
  3. Attack the Leeches
    1. Fight with everyone, killing leeches first
  4. Head up the stairs, take the door and head up more stairs
  5. Take the left steps and enter the first door you come to
  6. Head down the stairs and out
  7. Enter the first door and fight the dragons
    1. Dragon Tooth with all
  8. Head north, save
  9. Equips:
    1. Zirco shield on Guy and Maxim
  10. Go fight Gades 3
    1. Berserker IP with Guy and Maxim. Attack with Selan and Arty
    2. Build up your IP. Champion heals with Artea if necessary.
  11. Equips:
    1. Strongest on Maxim and Selan
  12. Escape out and Warp to Alunze

Quick Trip to Alunze to get OP item

  1. Enter the Inn and go upstairs
  2. Buy 100 groups of 100 coins. Buy a Seethru cape for Selan
  3. Warp to Navric, get another virgin, and go to East Tower

East Tower

  1. Head left to go up the steps
  2. At the next fork, go up the steps again and enter the door
  3. Head up the stairs and enter the first door
  4. Head up those stairs and take the first door again
  5. Head up more stairs and fight the leeches
    1. Attack all, killing leeches first
  6. Head up the stairs, then more stairs
  7. Go up those first steps, south at the fork, more steps, then enter the door on your left
  8. Up those steps, then fight the dragon
    1. Dragon Tooth from all
  9. Equp ghostclothes on Guy
  10. Heal and save
  11. Amon
    1. Maxim and Guy use Berserker IP, Selan use Shriek on Arty, Arty use attack or Holy Energy IP
    2. Heals with Artea, attacks/IP attacks
    3. Shrieks with Selan and maxim
  12. Equips
    1. Strongest Maxim
    2. Ghostclothes on Artea
    3. Jute Helmet on Guy
  13. Heal up
  14. Grab another Virgin and go to west tower

West Tower

  1. Take door to your NE
  2. Stairs up, take the steps, then head south
  3. Head north at the fork and enter door
  4. Stairs up and follow path around to next door
  5. Stairs up and take next door
  6. Stairs up and fight minotaur
    1. Dragon tooth all, then fight remaining
  7. Stairs up, then stairs down
  8. Head west and stairs up
  9. Take next door and stairs up again
  10. Follow path to leeches
    1. Attack all, killing leeches first
  11. Stairs all the way up and heal/save.
  12. After the cutscenes, go talk to Lexis

The End of The End

  1. Note: Selan should have Holy Energy IP weapon
  2. Head north and fight Gades
    1. Berserker IP with Guy and Maxim. Attack with Selan and Arty
    2. Champion heals with Artea if necessary.
  3. Heal and head north
  4. Amon
    1. Maxim and Guy use Berserker IP, Selan use Shriek on Arty, Arty use heal every turn,
    2. Attacks/IP attacks with Guy and Maxim, Selan attack or Gorgon Rock
    3. Shrieks with Selan and maxim when necessary
  5. Equips
    1. Ghost Ring, Gorgon Rock on Arty
    2. Rocket Ring on Maxim
    3. Sonic Ring, Bee Rock on Selan
  6. Heal and head north
  7. Erim
    1. Maxim and Guy Berserker, Arty Ax Attack, Selan Holy Energy IP
    2. Heal with Arty if he doesn't have IP. Otherwise Selan. Triple Attack with Guy, Holy Energy with Selan + Maxim
  8. Heal, Put Pearl shield on Maxim
  9. Daos
    1. Arty and Guy in front, Maxim and Selan in back
    2. Arty ax attack IP, Guy Berserker IP, Maxim and Selan Holy Energy
    3. Swap players to and from front row depending on IP bars. Heal with Selan or Arty depending on IP
    4. On 4th turn, Dark Reflector is getting cast. Put Guy in the far badck and do a regular attack to live through it.
  10. Go break the three stones and win \o/