Mother Any% Glitchless Route

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  • Beat lamp and get melody from baby

Melody 1 Split

  • Get four juices from sister
  • Pick up presents and equip bat
  • hit level 3 against rats
  • Store basement key
  • Store bread
  • hit level 5 outside house
  • Pick up bread from sister
  • Head down to town

dept store

  • withdraw 500
  • buy tee ball bat, sell cracked bat, Buy Bread, Get Canary chick from top floor
  • Use bread outside dept store


  • Fight two zombies on the way down
  • Get to bottom of grave, level to 7 in last room, then open final coffin (bottom left) for pippi
  • To Pippi, say no, then yes to get badge
  • Bread crumb out
  • Take Pippi to mayor
  • Get key from lady
  • Get 30 bucks and buy more bread. Buy two burgers (40 hp) from the shop. Sleep.
  • Give Canary her baby.

Melody 2 Split


  • Head up to Zoo. Breadcrumb right outside.
  • Defense up (3 PP) against tiger, elephant, and crocodile
  • Grab rope in bottom right room, then medicine in top right room.
  • Starman: Use rope, then defense up, then bash to death

Melody 3 Split

  • Head right along path.


  • Enter Green door house. Store franklin badge. Store GGF's Diary.
  • Enter house to SW. Save. Enter house to SW. Get Big Bag by talking twice.
  • Enter hospital in on top row (second from left).
  • Enter castle. Left left left to get to present room. Take top left present for boomerang and equip it.
  • Grind in dungeon for $1200. This is roughly level 11 and 1250 exp. (Consider getting to level 14 here to try to avoid bomber fights in Duncan's Factory).
  • Buy and equip magic coin. reheal at hospital.
  • Work through dungeon, grabbing onyx hook, PSI stone, and basic sword along the way. Make sure to heal before going down to onyx hook. Defense up and bash.
  • Talk to man, then no and yes.


  • Wrap around and head into town.
  • Sell teeball bat and basic sword.
  • Buy bread. Buy 2 repel rings. Equip one. Sleep at hotel ($65)
  • Use bread in front of school.
  • Head down to factory. Grab knife in second room. Grab speed capsule on top floor far right. Use on Ninten. Grab bottle rocket out of trash can and bread out.
  • Check lock on top floor, then far right room and talk to janitor. Yes, no, yes.

Lloyd Joins split

  • Drop bottle rocket after science room cut scene.
  • Sell knife. Withdraw everything. Buy two more repel rings. Buy 2 breads. One to Ninten and one to Lloyd. Buy boomerang for Lloyd (increases power of repel ring). Use bread in front of phone and save.
  • Head up to Duncans Factory, using repel rings as they wear out. Use Lloyds bread at duncan's factory entrance inside.
  • 4-d warp (16 PP) from everything. Use PSI stone after each warp to maintain PP.
  • Grab super spray on 2nd floor far right.
  • Use magic herbs from big bag as necessary to heal
  • Fire rocket, Lloyd Breads out.
  • Go to bottom floor to left, then enter far right door for 2 capsules (ones on right). Use all on Ninten.
  • Back up ladder and go left.
  • Go down ladder, go left, then back up next ladder. Go up right ladder, then left ladder for another PSI stone. Ninten breads out.
  • Save and heal.


  • Travel through desert. Up-Right at beginning to get next melody.

Melody 5 Split

  • Down-right from there, then follow tracks
  • Down at the tree change into Youngstown.
  • Learn teleport from baby.
  • Onyx back to magicant.
  • Store super spray. Get Franklin Badge. Save. Heal at hospital. Teleport to Easter.
  • Teleport through swamp. heal at Pippi. Once you make it to the next town, Onyx back.
  • Heal at hospital. Save. Teleport back to Valentine.

Mt Itoi

  • Start teleporting again towards cave.
  • Fill up on medicines at house (9 at least). Then sleep.
  • Take first route up. Then up-left. Then down and bottom left cave. Then wrap around and enter cave that you pass. Grab next PSI stone.
  • Continue teleporting through Mt. Itoi. Enter shack. Heal and save. Continue teleports up to submarine.
  • Walk through underwater place to Eve.
  • Walk up to top of Mt Itoi, let Jeff die. Grind to lvl 25. Fight robot.
  • Check eve.

Melody 7 Split

  • Continue teleporting up to George's grave.

Melody 8 Split

  • Teleport to thanksgiving.
  • Throw away Frank badge, PSI stone Big Bag, withdraw 3000. Buy rope and repel ring.
  • Head to school and buy Super bomb.
  • Head up to train and go halloween.
  • Talk to red girl near bottom right to get key.
  • Work through mansion and get melody from piano.

Melody 4 Split

  • Onyx hook, then go to dragon (teleports as necessary). Rope (ninten) and Super bomb (lloyd) to kill it.

Melody 6 Split

  • Onyx hook, head up to mansion. Deposit onyx hook for extra medicine room (?)