Paper Mario Glitchless Route

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  • Blue Text = Item Gained
  • Red Text = Item Used
  • Green Text = Badge Stuff
  • Orange Text = Coin Stuff
  • Purple Text = Level Up Stats
  • Pink Text = Partner Stuff


  • Balcony -> Gate -> Balcony
  • Get hammer, Get 3 bush coins and 10 block coins [13]
  • Jr Troopa
  1. Jump 5 turns until dead
  • 4 spring coins + Fire Flower [17]
  • Equip Power Jump
  • 2 yellow block coins [19]
  • Goomba Bros.
  1. Power Jump red, Headbonk red
  2. Power Jump blue, Do nothing
  3. Fire Flower
  • Heart block
  • Goomba King [10 HP]
  1. Power Jump King, Headbonk tree
  2. Power Jump King, Headbonk King
  • Head up to the Summit
  • Magikoopa [8 HP]
  1. Power Jump, do nothing
  2. Power Jump

Chapter 1

  • Yellow block coin and Fright Jar [20]
  • Pow Block and 10 block coins [30]
  • Buy 4 Pow Blocks and 1 Fire Flower [6]
  • Fuzzies
  1. Fire Flower
  • Get 5 coins, Thunderbolt, and hidden Fire Flower [11]
  • Heart block and enter castle


  • Key Fight
  1. Power Jump, untimed Power Shell
  • Level 2: FP (10/10/3)
  • Get Power Bounce
  • Switch Turtle Fight
  1. Pow Block, Power Shell
  • Turtle Room Fight 1 (First Strike)
  1. Pow Block, Power Shell
  • Turtle Room Fight 2
  1. Fright Jar
  • Turtle Room Fight 3
  1. Pow Block, Power Shell
  • 20 coins from fire bars and key [31]
  • Head upstairs, to the right, hit the trapped block
  • Heart block, get Bombette, and swap to Kooper
  • Jail Fight
  1. Pow Block, Power Shell
  • Collect coins from fight [40]
  • Get key with Bombette from power bounce room
  • Head upstairs and move through the moving walls area (with or without pie jumps)
  • Hit the switch and get the key downstairs with Bombette
  • Hit last switch and go upstairs.
  • Dodge the bullets and initiate the Cannon Fight with Bombette's bomb
  1. Thunder Bolt, Bomb
  • Get 10 coins and hit the Heart Block [50]
  • Koopa Bros. Fight
  1. Power Jump, Bomb
  2. Power Jump, Bomb
  3. Pow Block, Nothing
  4. Fire Flower

To the Desert

  • Read Bowser's Diary in the Peach Sequence
  • Get Dizzy Attack on the way back
  • Jr Troopa
  1. Power Jump, Bomb
  2. Power Jump, Bomb
  3. Hammer
  • Level 3: Raise FP (10/15/3)
  • Buy and Equip Speedy Spin
  • Get first seed and hop on the train

Chapter 2

  • Talk to Parakarry, Collect 3 Whacka Bumps as you pass during the letter collection
  • Answer Luigi to skip the bird fight (second option)
  • Enter the Desert. Travel right until the room after the tornado. travel down/right until you reach the oasis
  • Upgrade Bombette
  • Go up and get the hidden Life Shroom. Go up and right into Dry Dry Outpost
  • Follow Mouse around
  • Sell 1 Whacka Bump. Buy Dried Shroom, Dusty Hammer, and 2 Thunderbolts
  • Get the Pulse Stone
  • Head into Desert, go left, then up/left until placing the pulse stone and entering the dungeon

Desert Dungeon

  • Bottom room, grab key, unlock top room, then backtrack
  • Blow up wall, drain sand, get key, unlock bottom right door
  • Pokey Fight
  1. Power Bomb
  • Pokey Fight
  1. Thunder Bolt, Bomb
  • Pokey Fight
  1. Thunder Bolt, Power Bomb
  • Cross gap and solve puzzle
  • Enter bottom right room, drop and get the key
  • Go left, upgrade Parakarry, blow up wall, and hammer stone for Chomp Fight
  1. Eat Whacka Bump, Power Bomb
  2. Go up spring, proceed up stairs to right.
  • Begin Chomp Fight with Bomb
  1. Bomb
  • Head left, then enter bottom right room
  • Pyramid stone left, Diamond middle
  • Top door, drain sand, proceed through room
  • Chomp Fight
  1. Power Bomb
  • Place Lunar stone far right
  • Swap to Parakarry, hit heart block, proceed right
  • TutanKoopa
  1. (Power Jump, Shell Shot) x 3

BACKUP STRATS Chapter 6: If the spook fails on one of the moles, get the shooting star on the way to the maze fight and use that instead of star storm

Chapter 8: If you have >81 exp, fight the key fight and do the first turtle fight on the bridge with power bomb and shooting star (since you have one extra). Then Up and Away the switch fight.