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Shell 2

SepterraCore-Guide-Shell2-Badlands.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell2-Pipes.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell2-OutlawCanyon.png

  • Head to first shop on left, buy 1 engine for Maya and equip it
  • Through badlands to Azziz temple, talk, then immediately leave
  • To pumping station, do guard fight
    • level 2 attacks on all, take out sides first, use bread if needed. Sides have 20, main has 60
  • Back to Oasis, talk to one of the guards with first option to get through
  • Head to stock pile and buy a turbo engine
  • Head up and talk to gramps, then sleep if needed
  • Leave and head to Grubb's place (can sneak east of mountains)
  • Grab the power generator and talk to grubb to get the two in your party.
  • Equip turbo engine on Grubb, then head to pumping station.
  • Grab wire east of ramp, then short the panel (check with Grubb, then use wire, then generator)
  • Head through desert
  • crabs are all level 1 attacks
  • Run with grubb if desired
  • Head south to town, steal 3 roots from helgaks, then leave and go to outlaw canyon
  • can hydro attack with grubb for cheap damage
  • grab items from corgan and helgak

Shell 3

SepterraCore-Guide-Shell3-Catacombs.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell3-Graveyard2.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell3-SnowyMountains.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell3-Armstrong.png

  • Head to Southfarm, enter carver shop, sell soulstone for 2500, buy 6 breads, 1 potion, 6 core runes, and an acid vial
  • Weapons shop: MedEngine and Sword
  • Equip MedEngine on Maya and Engine on Runner
  • Head to Graveyard, Fight zombie to get acid (One Grubb bread + 1 Maya attack to kill)
  • Get acid with vial, then head to Wind City and go to library to get draxx head
  • Use head on statue in grabeyard and do fight, single root for the kill, and head through catacombs (zombie fights seem easily runnable)
    • Hit switch to east, then wrap around to wind city entrance
  • Equip sword on Corgan and head out for Aryam Fight
    • Grubb can geo strike, others 2x attack. Kill Right first
  • In graveyard, hit switch at far right, then head out. Can avoid all fights except gate (potion all for the kill)
  • Aryam x 2, same strats
  • Use closest tent on the bottom to heal, head through snow area


  • Selina fight:
    • focus down Selina first, Grubb use Geo Strike, everyone use level 1 attacks in case barrier goes up turn 1
  • Recover core between fights if needed
  • Get cache and head back to Layla and give it to her (take first fight back for cat's paw)
  • Sleep, then head through graveyard (hug right side going through gate so you don't retrigger that fight)
  • In next area, head south to fence corner, then SW along wall out
  • Go to port, talk to lady, ask about passport, then on to south farm
  • Talk to left dude at weapons shop with corgan, take secret passage, ask monk about passport, then head back to port.
  • Use passport on lady, then take flight

Shell 5

SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-MesaCanyon.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-MesaCanyon2.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-MesaCanyon3.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-Battleship.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-Battleship2.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-Tunnel.png SepterraCore-Guide-Shell5-Tunnel2.png

  • Grab fast shoes from dresser in back room
  • Leave, then down stairs to Kin Ping's Boutique
    • 12 breads, 4 core runes, 2 StrngEngines, 1 ForceEngine, 1 Wrench, 1 Grenade, 1 MedSword, 1 Fast Shoes
  • Equip: StrongEngine, Fast Shoes, and Grenade on Maya
  • Talk to dude outside store about Corgan to get his sword. Give it to him through the fence, then talk to guards to start fight.
  • After fight, check orange crate for items, Equip MedSword and FastShoes on Corgan, then leave town
  • North to Mesa Canyons and through
    • Stand still in area 2, then move when they pass, Run from encounter where they fight each other)
  • Head up to Jinam Battleship to get Grubb
    • Grenade first little sentry robot fights, greys can heal, oranges hit harder
    • Equip Grubb with ForceEngine
  • South to base, use HoloMessage on thingy
  • Talk to guard with Maya to get Jinam Dogtags, then get chest that was behind him
  • Back to ship to use dogtags on door to access new area
    • Grubb can repair all the robots here
    • Grab potion and GearMuscle in green tube room
    • Grab Power Converterr
    • backtrack out
  • Give power converter to Led and fly out
  • Equip Led with Wrench, GearMuscle and StrngEngine on Runner
  • Talk to guard as Led and enter Tunnel (remember to grenade when enemies are close)
  • Avoid second fight after exiting tunnel
  • Barrier circle Maya in first fight after entering ankaran research lab, Maya can grenade middle dude to hit 3, Runner attack far left to double hit
  • Avoid little robot afterward

Shell 4

Shell 7

Shell 6

Shell 1

The Core

Saving Chicago


Saving Layla

Secret Weapon

Kyra's Mirror

Daemon Swords

The Final Push